5 Commonly Asked Canada Drives Questions, Answered

November 20, 2017

Since 2010, Canada Drives has been simplifying the car buying process.

The process of how you shop for a car is changing! Since 2010, Canada Drives has been simplifying the car buying process for Canadians who are facing all types of credit situations. Canada Drives has helped thousands of Canadians find affordable auto financing with a quick and convenient online pre-approval application.

Every day Canada Drives receives hundreds of calls, e-mails and comments on social media asking about how our company works. Here are the five most common questions that we get, answered.

1. “How does Canada Drives work?”

Canada Drives was founded on the idea of saving time. Instead of walking into a dealership and leaving empty handed because you weren’t approved for financing, our company pre-approves applicants for auto financing. Partnered with hundreds of car dealerships across Canada, once your application has been approved with us, we’ll match you with one of our partner dealerships that is located close to you and best suited to help!

2. “Can I trade-in my car for lower rates?”

Definitely! Canada Drives has helped lots of people trade-in their current vehicle for one with lower rates.

3. “What is the interest rate?”

Our job at Canada Drives is to get you approved for auto financing. Canada Drives doesn’t provide the actual auto financing; the financing options are discussed with the dealership that you’re matched with! Each one of our partner dealers have been handpicked to ensure that our applicants are getting the best rates available! Plus, applying with us is 100% free and holds no obligation.

4. “Where is Canada Drives located?”

The Canada Drives head office is in beautiful British Columbia! This is where we take your calls, answer your questions and set you up with one of our 350 dealership partners that are located across Canada and in every province! We match you with a dealership that you’re guaranteed an approval at, and they’re located in your community.

5. "Will you pull my credit when I apply?”

Every time a person applies for a loan, whether it be an auto loan or a personal loan, your credit is pulled so that financial experts can review your file and see what you qualify for! Canada Drives will pull your credit to get you the best approval possible. However, the credit bureaus count all inquiries made for an auto loan within a 45-day period as one inquiry, so you can shop around without having your credit affected negatively.

Do you have more questions for us? Give us a call, toll-free at 1-888-865-6402 or visit our website and one of our members will happily assist you!


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