Finance With Canada Drives

Enjoy affordable monthly payments by financing your new car through Canada Drives. The entire application and approval process can be completed online.

Fast & Easy

Complete a short, three-minute online application and we’ll text you your approval terms for the car of your choice.

100% Online

No in-person meetings, no stress. Through our secure application you can submit all required documents and sign your financing agreement online.

The Best Rates

Our team of finance professionals will work to get you the best rate possible to ensure your payments are affordable.

Simple & Stress-Free
If you would like to finance your new car with us simply click the Finance button once you find a car you like. Through our secure online financing application you can provide all the required documents and necessary information to get approved for the best rate possible.
Once we get your approval in place we will send you a text or email and you can continue to schedule your delivery and sign your loan documents online.

Get Pre-Approved
Before You Shop

If you are unsure about your budget, or you just want to shop with confidence knowing exactly what you can afford, getting pre-approved for financing is the perfect solution.
With a pre-approval we will provide you personalized finance terms that can help point you in the right direction when searching for your next car.