Canada Drives Limited Warranty

When you purchase a vehicle* (the “Vehicle”) from Canada Drives Ltd. (“Canada Drives”) you will receive the Canada Drives’ 30-day 1500 km Limited Warranty (the “Canada Drives Limited Warranty”).

  1. No Additional Cost for Canada Drives Limited Warranty
  2. The Vehicle comes with the Canada Drives Limited Warranty at no additional cost. If you wish additional coverage, you may forego the Canada Drives Limited Warranty and purchase coverage from a third-party supplier.

    The Canada Drives Limited Warranty will not take effect if on the date you completed your purchase of the Vehicle from Canada Drives (the “Purchase Date”) the Vehicle has a remaining manufacturer’s warranty that provides coverage on the Vehicle for at least 30 days and at least 1500 km from the Purchase Date. For clarity, if on the Purchase Date the manufacturer’s warranty still covers the Vehicle for greater than 0 days or 0 km but less than 30 days or 1500 km, then Canada Drives Limited Warranty will provide coverage on the remaining term up to 30 days or 1500 km, respectively if you still own the Vehicle. For example, if at the Purchase Date, the manufacturer’s warranty still provides coverage on the Vehicle for 10 more days (or 1200 more km) from the Purchase Date, then the Canada Drives Limited Warranty will provide coverage for an additional 20 days (or 300 km). The coverage limits on the number of days and distance travelled are mutually exclusive (mutual exclusivity is described in section 2).

  3. Length of the Coverage
  4. The Canada Drives Limited Warranty coverage will start from the Purchase Date and will continue until the earliest of: a) when you sell your Vehicle; b) 30 days; and c) 1500 km travelled on the Vehicle.

  5. Coverage Under the Canada Drives Limited Warranty
  6. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Canada Drives Limited Warranty, your coverage will be for repairs on all parts and assemblies on your Vehicle, subject to exclusions as described in section 7 and also includes:

    1. Cosmetic imperfections on parts (both interior and exterior);
    2. Parts that are wearable or replaceable;
    3. Parts required in accordance to recommended maintenance; and
    4. Aftermarket accessories.

  7. Your Responsibilities
  8. In order for you to get coverage under the Canada Drives Limited Warranty, you shall perform certain obligations, including:

    1. Maintain your Vehicle to manufacturer’s suggested or recommended service schedules and replacement of parts, as specifically outlined in the Vehicle warranty booklet or manufacturer’s website, and adhere to proper minimum maintenance of the Vehicle at a licensed repair/service shop (do-it-yourself maintenance are not accepted), including:

    a. Change the engine oil and filter on your Vehicle;
    b. Check and maintain all fluid levels, including fuels and coolants; and
    c. Check and replace all filters, seals and gaskets as required.

    You shall ensure the maintenance services are completed by a licensed repair/service shop within a grace period of 30 days of the foregoing due date or within 1,000 km of the foregoing distance, whichever occurs first. You shall retain all invoices providing details, including dates, services completed, parts provided, VIN and appropriate odometer readings. If you do not provide Canada Drives with such valid invoices within five days after Canada Drives makes a request for the invoices, your coverage will be denied; and

    2. Obtain authorization from Canada Drives before any diagnosis, teardown or repair is done on the Vehicle.

  9. Canada Drives’ Responsibilities?
  10. If you have fulfilled all your obligations to obtain coverage under the Canada Drives Limited Warranty, and Canada Drives has agreed to make the repairs under the Canada Drives Limited Warranty, then Canada Drives will:

    1. Repair or replace a covered part as described in section 3 (a “Covered Part”), provided the Covered Part had a defect in material or workmanship that caused the Covered Part to completely fail to work normally in the Vehicle. Canada Drives may replace the Covered Part with a similar part as selected by Canada Drives in its sole discretion. The similar part may be a new, used or remanufactured part; and

    2. Reimburse you for reasonable related towing expenses, provided you provide valid invoices.

  11. Procedure to take to Get Vehicle Repaired
  12. When you request your Vehicle to be repaired under the Canada Drives Limited Warranty, you shall take the following steps:

    1. Phone Canada Drives at 1(888) 644-2490 or email Canada Drives at [email protected] to get prior authorization for the repair;

    2. Use best efforts to prevent additional damage to your Vehicle. For example, you may need to get your Vehicle towed to a safe location. Additional damage will not be covered by Canada Drives Limited Warranty; and

    3. If your Vehicle is in a repair shop, request the repair shop contact Canada Drives at 1(888) 644-2490 before the repair shop starts to do any repairs to the Vehicle.

  13. Exclusions
  14. Canada Drives will not provide coverage for:

    1. Damage caused by your failure to comply with Section 4;

    2. Failure of a part not covered under this Canada Drives Limited Warranty;

    3. Repair and replacement cost of Covered Parts where the replacement is a result of the failure of a part not covered under this Canada Drives Limited Warranty. For clarity, if a part is not covered, then the labour to replace the part is also not covered;

    4. Repair or replacement of any part if a mechanical breakdown or failure has not occurred;

    5. Repair or replacement of a part due to carbonized or burnt valves, seized piston rings or resultant breakage;

    6. Repair or replacement of a part that the field tolerances have not exceeded the manufacturer’s specifications;

    7. Repair or replace of a part which has not failed but which a repair/service shop informs, recommends, requires, or suggests the part be repaired or replaced;

    8. A breakdown or failure caused by collision, fire, meltdown, theft, vandalism, riot, explosion, freezing, overheating, rust/corrosion, contamination, water, acts of God (e.g. lightning, earthquake, windstorm, and hail), salt and environmental damage; acts of the public enemy or any government authority, or any squeaks, rattles, whines, noises;

    9. Damage caused or contributed by misuse, abuse, negligence, or failure to immediately protect your Vehicle from further damage when a breakdown or failure has occurred;

    10. Damage caused or contributed by a failure to maintain proper levels of fuels, oils, coolants, fluids, filters or lubricants;

    11. Breakdown or failure caused or contributed by contamination or loss of fuels, oils, coolants, fluids, filters or lubricants;

    12. Damage caused or contributed by towing anything, unless the Vehicle is equipped with a factory installed or authorized tow package and such towing is recommended by the manufacturer of the Vehicle;

    13. Problems, issues or conditions existing prior to the date of this Canada Drives Limited Warranty or existing during the Vehicle manufacturer’s warranty term;

    14. A breakdown or failure covered by any warranty, manufacturer or public recall or any repairer’s guarantee;

    15. Damage caused or contributed by your odometer not reflecting the correct reading, being altered, broken, disconnected and repairs have not been made;

    16. Loss of use of the Vehicle, time or profit, inconvenience, emotional loss or other incidental or consequential loss that results or is contributed from a breakdown or failure;

    17. Damage if the Vehicle was used for any commercial purpose;

    18. Consequential, incidental and resultant loss, damage, injury or death (including any costs or expenses, legal or otherwise) of any nature whatsoever suffered by any property or person (including firm, organization, corporation, partnership and association) arising directly or indirectly from any repair, delay or failure to make repairs covered under this Canada Drives Limited Warranty, including labor and workmanship incidental to the repairs;

    19. A replacement or a part as recommended or suggested by or the result of any government legislation or regulation;

    20. Damage as a result or contributed to incorrect tires or rims, after-factory modifications (including add-ons, high performance parts, equipment or accessories and snow plow), or additions or modifications to: emissions, exhaust, fuel system; ignition, frame; or suspension; or

    21. Repairs made without Canada Drives’ prior authorization.

  15. General
  16. 1. You cannot assign the Canada Drives Limited Warranty to another party.

    2. Canada Drives will only be responsible for its obligations described in this Canada Drives Limited Warranty.

    3. Canada Drives provides no representations or warranties on the condition or operability of airbag(s) in your Vehicle.

    4. This Canada Drives Limited Warranty and all related matters will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of British Columbia, Canada, and the courts of British Columbia, Canada sitting in Vancouver will have original and exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from, connected with or relating to this Canada Drives Limited Warranty or any related matter.

    5. In this Canada Drives Limited Warranty: (a) headings are for reference only and do not define, limit or enlarge the scope or meaning of this limited warranty or any of its provisions; (b) words importing the singular number only include the plural, and vice versa; (c) “including” or “includes” means including or includes (as applicable) without limitation or restriction.

    6. If you have any comments or questions about this Canada Drives Limited Warranty, please contact Canada Drives by mail or email at: Canada Drives Ltd. – Attn: Auto Finance, Suite 600, Two Bentall Centre, 555 Burrard Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V7X 1M8; email: [email protected]

* “vehicle” is as defined in the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act

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