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The 5 Ways We’ve Changed Since Moving to Vancouver

How we've changed since moving to Canada's West Coast

Published: 28 July 2015

The Canada Drives office has changed significantly since last July when we relocated our headquarters to Vancouver, BC. Our staff numbers have multiplied, our programs have diversified and expanded, and we have invested in new channels to ensure that our customers always have an avenue to express their questions, concerns, and (hopefully) their love for our services. To celebrate our one year anniversary in the city that our team calls home, we want you to know the ways in which we’ve progressed to provide you with better service.

1. We’ve brought new programs to new areas, and we bet we have some near you!

When our office initially opened in Vancouver, we were working with just over 100 dealership partners from coast-to-coast. Now, with the expansion of our resources, we have managed to more than double the number of programs that we offer within a span of only 12 months. This means that we are able to provide more options to both rural and urban communities. Whether you are looking for a Jeep Wrangler in Nanaimo, or a Mazda 3 in downtown Toronto, we have now made it easier for you to find an approval when you apply with us.

2. We have found new ways to engage with you (and we want to use them!)

Have you ever phoned the customer service line for a company where, instead of being connected to speak to an agent, you are forced to navigate yourself through a maze of messages that are narrated by an automated voice? It’s a great way for companies to ensure that they are wasting your time. At Canada Drives, we never want to put our customers through such a disengaging struggle.

While many companies in Canada have started to cut back on their support initiatives, Canada Drives has proliferated our customer service staff numbers and extended our hours in order to better meet your needs. If you want to speak with a company representative, then we want to make sure you are able to do just that.

We have also increased our customer service initiatives on social media so that you can reach us through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. In the past year, we have adopted new channels and measures to ensure that you are provided with an easy way to express your feedback.

3. We guaranteed that you will never have to speak with a grumpy agent

At Canada Drives, we know that happy employees equate to happy customers. This is why we believe in going the extra mile to ensure that our staff members work in a fun and healthy atmosphere. We guarantee a fully stocked fridge in our office and organize plenty of team-building activities, such as bowling and spin cycling classes. Our goal is to provide our personnel with incentives to look forward to coming to work every day so that they can provide you with a quality customer experience. It is through the addition of these employee perks that we have been able to define our workplace culture as a positive one.

4. We found community initiatives that mirrored our start-up lifestyle

What’s a start-up lifestyle? We believe that it entails finding ways for you and your team to thrive when you are all experiencing growth at a speed that Donovan Bailey couldn’t match. Our office is currently revelling in this state, and we love partnering with organizations that are enjoying a similar experience.

One of the first things that Canada Drives did after setting up shop in Vancouver was start to find new and creative ways to give back to the community through projects that were looking to establish themselves. We found many instances where providing multiple small contributions helped take growing initiatives to the next level of their development. From providing micro-grant funding to youth with rare diseases to relieving the financial burden for kids in athletics, Canada Drives’ community outreach efforts are constantly looking for new ways to provide support to Canadian initiatives. Read more about our community involvement here.

5. Our website received a makeover that “Style by Jury” would be proud of

Everyone has experienced it. You hear about a company’s services through word of mouth, or perhaps an advertisement, and they sound great. You get excited about using them. You type in their URL and… are met with a homepage that your child might have built in their grade 9 IT class. The site fails to be informative, the graphics work against any ideas that you might have had about how awesome their brand could be and, worst of all, you’re no longer interested in using their service.

At Canada Drives, we know this type of online experience is undesirable. This is why we have worked to build out our technology team over the past year so that when you go to our website, you’ll enjoy the content that you find. Now news surrounding our company’s services is able to be delivered to you more effectively than ever before. Want to meet our leadership team? Here we are! Care to see what careers are available? Apply today. Want to find out if we have programs in your area? Just type in your postal code. It’s all available on our site now.

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