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Car Guide | Jan 28, 2022

Top Electric Pickups: 11 Trucks to Keep on Your EV Radar

Sure, the burly V8 is missing but don’t count out the electric pickup. Here are 11 models to know about – from the popular Cybertruck and F-150 Lighting to the lesser known Bollinger B2 and...

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Recalls | Jan 27, 2022

Nissan Recalls More Than 793,000 Rogue SUVs in North America

Nissan’s recall for the popular compact Rogue SUV for potential fire risks involving faulty wiring....

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Maintenance | Jan 26, 2022

How Much Are Winter Tires? Here Are 5 Money-Saving Tips

Each year, many drivers throughout Canada tangle with the prospect of replacing worn snow tires or purchasing their first new set....

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Car Guide | Jan 24, 2022

2022 Volkswagen Taos Highline Review

The Taos was launched in the summer of 2021 as a 2022 model. The Mexico-built newcomer – which has close links to SEAT and Škoda models sold in Europe – slots i...

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Car Guide | Jan 21, 2022

Apple CarPlay: What is It & How Does it Work?

Apple CarPlay is a simple way to stay connected to your iPhone and a range of important apps while you’re driving. It essentially turns your vehicle’s built-in...

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Car Guide | Jan 21, 2022

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Range & Specs: The Most Anticipated EV of the Year?

The all-electric 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will send shockwaves through the full-size pickup segment. The waiting list is long, and anticipation grows....

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Maintenance | Jan 19, 2022

Car Dent Repair: 5 DIY Hacks That Can Save You Money

You may be the most careful driver, but getting a dent or door ding is an unfortunate right of passage for most car owners....

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Car Guide | Jan 19, 2022

Best 7-Seater SUVs in Canada: Our 10 Top Picks

It’s no secret that three-row, mid-size sport utilities have become the quintessential vehicles for modern Canadian families. These 7-seater SUVs are so popular...

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Driving Tips | Jan 18, 2022

7 Road Trip Car Tips When Travelling with a Partner

Anyone who has been on a long road trip with friends or family members understand the dangers that lie in being confined to such a small space for long stretche...

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