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Canada Drives’ Formula for Success: Focus on What You Know

After majoring in bass guitar, Cody Green, founder of Canada Drives, took a career detour. Working at a dealership led him to pursue his business venture in auto finance, now Canada’s fastest-growing company of 2016. We discuss how he managed to achieve 12,686 per cent in revenue growth over five years and what drove this meteoric success.

After majoring in bass guitar, Cody Green, founder of Canada Drives, took a career detour. Working at a dealership led him to pursue his business venture in auto finance, now Canada’s fastest-growing company...

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Canada Drives showcased at Facebook video advertising event

Oct 20, 2017

Mobile hasn’t only changed people’s behaviour, it’s transformed advertising. These days, big beautiful brand films live side-by-side with ‘buy now’ buttons.

Calls-to-action are now seamlessly embedded within branded-content. And tough talking, hard-working sales activation efforts can now feel emotional, experiential, and even rewarding.

In other words, the good old sales funnel has collapsed on itself. And in this world of marketing convergence, Facebook has a suite of new solutions to help marketers pioneer new, engaging ways to simultaneously build brands and drive sales.

“It's time to create to convert,” said Facebook representatives at a special showcase event held in Vancouver last week.

The purpose of the event was to educate companies on the importance of video in Facebook advertising and the direction that Facebook is taking. Canada Drives was invited to be showcased as an example of what can be accomplished with video advertising.

“Facebook stressed how video is the next big thing,” said Dan Cruikshank, creative director at Canada Drives.

“That’s the direction they are moving in and everyone else who is working with Facebook needs to follow. To support that, video is kind of a foreign thing to some people - especially in direct response advertising - if they are only using stock images or still images they might not have somebody who is capable of producing the video that they need. They might not know how it works, or how to build it.”

Facebook is investing a lot of time, money and development into making the video experience on Facebook as user-friendly and engaging as possible. They are fully committed to it and strongly believe that is the direction of advertising - especially on social media, and more specifically, mobile devices.

While Facebook had their event going on with keynote speakers, a team from Canada Drives, were busy in the background working with a strategist from Instagram and one of Facebook’s motion graphic designers actually building ads.

“We built four unique video elements to show at the end of the event. Demonstrating how in the time it took them to cover the content at the event we were able to actually produce video ads, showing that it is more accessible than people think,” said Cruikshank.

“Facebook showcased how over a period of five hours, we started with a handful of static assets and these were the videos we came up with.”

Facebook broke down the videos into four segments.

“First, their Basic Motion which was simply moving pictures,” Cruikshank explained.

“Next was Brand in Motion, which focused more on our logo and our brand. Followed by Benefit in Motion, where the video told more of the story and touched on a specific benefit. Finally, a Demo in Motion which showed the actual application process - which for us is pick a car, pick a payment and then get approved for a car loan.”

Over the course of the afternoon, the Canada Drives team were able to accomplish all the four videos and showcase them to approximately 200 attendees all from local companies in British Columbi.

“We have already been involved with video advertising on Facebook for the past year, and we recognize its importance,” said Cruikshank.

“One really cool thing they focused on is they encouraged people to start with a really simple video they refer to as basic motion, and how you take that as your initial building block. By adding just a little bit more, a benefit for example, you can very quickly expand into something that is more in depth and tells the actual brand story.

Canada Drives plans to take the four videos they made at the event and put them in a live campaign.

“We’re going to test them against static images,” Cruikshank stated.

“I’m really interested to see the level of interaction we get with the video ads, and how successful they are. That will definitely determine the direction we take with future videos. I certainly hope all four videos are successful. Moving forward we would follow this structure of starting with the Basic Motion video and build on that.

If one specific video type works best, Canada Drives is going to spend more time on that type of video and see how they can expand on it to make it bette.

“So far video on Facebook has been incredibly successful for us and we look forward to seeing what else the platform has in store for video advertisers in the near future. ” Cruikshank exclaimed.

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