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Company Summary

Canada Drives® is the lead provider of consumer auto-finance in Canada. Founded in 2010 by Co-CEO Cody Green, the company helps consumers facing all types of credit situations by connecting them with dealer

partners that will work to find them an approval. The company works with over 300 accredited dealer partners nation-wide, and has been trusted with over 750,000 applications to date.

Mission Statement

“At Canada Drives® our goal is to be the number one consumer lending company in Canada by making financing simple and accessible to every Canadian while maintaining the highest level of customer service.”

Quick Facts

Founded in 2010 in
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Head office moved in 2014
to Vancouver, British Columbia

The largest consumer auto-finance
company in Canada

220 employees as of November, 2016


Cody Green

Cody Green

Founder & Co-CEO
Michael Galpin

Michael Galpin

Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown


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