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Bad Credit and Loan Options

So you have bad credit, but you need a loan? Don’t worry you’re not the only Canadian that has run into this situation. Over the last few years thousands of hard working Canadians have found themselves in tough financial situations because of the ups and downs of the economy.

Canada Drives specialty is dealing with bad credit and no credit customers that need loans and financing for a vehicle. Here are a list of some of the loan situations that we help:

Bad Credit Loans

This is the most common of loan that we assist with. A lot of customers end up with bad or poor credit because of a variety of situations. Some customers have gotten collections on their record because of unpaid phone bills or similar. Some customers have missed payments or made payments late on a variety of their bills or written off credit cards. We also help customers who have bad credit because of repossessions and consumer proposals.

No Credit Loans

This is also very common. The irony of having no credit, is it’s hard to get credit to build your credit. That’s where we come in! We work with first time buyers or customers with limited credit history and connect them with people ready and willing to earn their business. Making payments on a vehicle is one of the best ways to build your credit!

Loans after Bankruptcy

When the bills get more than can be handled a lot of smart Canadians decide to declare bankruptcy. Canada Drives wants to help these customers as bankruptcy acts as wiping the slate clean and a lot of lenders are ready to help.

Zero Down Loans

We don’t think everyone should have to come up with thousands of dollars to get a loan. If you had thousands of dollars you wouldn’t need a loan right?!? That’s why we specialize in helping customers obtain car loans with bad credit even if they have $0 down.

When you fill out our secure online application you will be automatically connected with a local dealership who is ready to help you find the right vehicle and the right payment. As always applying is no obligation to apply for your bad credit car loan!

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