Steps to Getting a Bad Credit Auto Loan through Canada Drives

Apply Online – filling out a 60 second online application is the first step. We try to make it as simple and easy to get started.

Go Over Your Options by Phone – Shortly after applying for your Bad Credit Auto Loan you will get a phone call from one of our affiliate Vehicle / Finance Specialists. They will go over your vehicle budget and start to provide different options that may work for your next vehicle. Typically there will be a wide variety of cars, trucks, suvs and minivans to choose from.

Schedule Test Drive / Pickup / Delivery – If the options sound appealing you can then go in and try some of the vehicles. If you live out of town and can’t get into the approval centre you can ask about vehicle delivery services. Also it’s important to remember that Canada Drives is always no obligation so if you don’t find a perfect fit, don’t worry!

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