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If you live in Banff / Canmore and you’re looking for a bad credit loan to finance your next car purchase, let us help you!

We can offer you tips and advice on how and where to shop for your next vehicle, as well as put you in touch with the dealership that can get you approved!

Bad Credit in Banff or Canmore Can Happen – We Can Help!

If you’re experiencing bad credit because of the following, apply today:

  • New to credit and no credit history reported to the credit bureaus.
  • No credit due to a previous bankruptcy.
  • Missed bill payments resulting in I2, 13, 15 and I9 that led to bad credit.
  • Bad credit because overdue accounts were sent to collections.
  • Divorce, separation or other problems that caused poor credit.
  • Income that’s hard to prove or high debt service ratios.

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