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Are you looking for a great affordable car? Do you have bad credit or credit challenges? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our expert team of auto finance specialists will assist with your next bad credit car loan and get you the vehicle you deserve…today!

It’s a challenge to get a car loan if you have bad credit because only a select few dealerships in Canada are willing to work with you. That’s why we’re here, all of our 350+ dealership partners work with customers with bad credit or no credit customers. Our goal is to get you approved and find you a vehicle with reasonable payments that actually help rebuild your credit.

So How Do I Get a Car Loan in Barrie If I Have Bad Credit?

That’s easy – we start by getting you approved for financing through our quick online application. We then match you up with a dealership in Barrie that SPECIALIZES in approving bad credit car loans. While most dealerships in Canada aren’t equipped to approve customers with less than perfect credit, Canada Drives® dealership partners can handle any credit situation. We take the guesswork out of car shopping by giving you vehicle options that you’re pre-approved for. You’ll spend zero time at the bank, zero time jumping from dealership to dealership, and more time driving a car you’ll love. Apply Online Today - It’s Quick, Easy And 100% Secure.

Our service is free to apply. Your online application takes only 2 minutes to complete and we only ask for information we actually need to get you approved.

To find options within your limit, fill out an Online Application, it’s Fast, Easy And Secure and takes less than 2 minutes. No obligations and no strings attached.

Gary Was Shocked We Could Get Him A Car and is Now Improving his Credit.

"Thanks to Canada Drives I was able to get this Mazda 3. Now, how we were able to purchase this car is beyond me as we have one of the worst credit histories but through them...we have a new vehicle. This picture was taken as we were getting ready to drive it off the car lot and bring it home!! Thank you so much Canada Drives because me deciding to click your link on Facebook got the ball rolling!!!”

- Gary

Apply Online Today - It’s Quick, Easy And 100% Secure.

Making Payments on a Vehicle Can Help Re-Establish Your Credit

We realize that there are many situations that cause people in Ontario to have bad credit. The good news is credit can be repaired with regular on-time payments so you can get the car you want today while rebuilding your credit for tomorrow. Simply Apply Online in under 2 minutes.

"Not only did they help us get into a newer vehicle but they are helping us rebuild our credit... I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a newer vehicle with less then stellar credit.

- Stephanie

What Makes Canada Drives® Different than Traditional Options Like a Bank?

  • We are not concerned about your past credit mistakes, apply regardless of your credit situation
  • We have made the process very quick and painless with our simple 2-minute online application
  • We’ll get you pre-approved so you don’t waste time looking at vehicles you can’t afford
  • No more multiple appointments with the bank, you can be driving a car you’ll love in a little as 24 hours
  • Massive selection of Cars, Trucks, Vans and SUVs, through our extensive nationwide network of 350+ dealers
  • There is no obligation and our application process is free
  • We promise to help you get approved and find you a vehicle you'll love, regardless of your credit situation.
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