How to Find the Best Gas Prices in your Area

September 14, 2015

If you are a car owner or a soon to be car owner, then one thought that’s sure to be on your mind may revolve around the issue of current gas prices. Specifically, how can you find the best gas prices in your area?

While these prices will vary for a number or reasons, they also can be quite different across each province and city. In fact, the price of gas can even differ from one nearby city gas station to the next. Ultimately however, one reality that can make your life a lot easier is knowing how to locate the most affordable price in your ‘neck of the woods’, in order to help you save time, as well as some money at the pump. Here are some helpful tips to help get you started on your road to cheaper fuel prices.

Taking Note of Various Gas Prices in your Area:

One simple way of determining which gas stations typically have the best prices is to take note of them as you are driving around your area. If you are most likely to stick with the same gas station chain on a regular basis, it is also likely that each of them will vary in price. Certain locations in your city or town may have a better value and you may want to stick with those more often.

It may also be worth noting which stations just outside of the city, in the smaller surrounding or rural towns also offer cheaper prices. If you will be driving in these directions to head off for the day, for example, then they may still be along your route and won’t take you too far out of your way either.

Choose Unbranded Gas Stations:

If using a variety of gas stations as opposed to one brand only is more of the norm for you, then opting to fill up your tank at unbranded gas stations in your region can help you to save money. When commuting around your area, you have probably noticed that there are various stations on either side of the road. One of these stations may be a more common gas brand, the other however may be unbranded and a less well known one. Moreover, even though they are in such close proximity to one another, it is fairly likely that the unbranded one will have a lower gas price than the branded one.

This is likely to be the case since the unbranded companies purchase their gas from multiple companies and not just one as branded stations do. With that being said, if you are looking to spend a bit less on your gas, as you probably are – then consider filling up at the unbranded gas pump instead.

Joint Gas Station-Retail Chain Loyalty Programs:

Depending on where you live, if you have access to certain superstores, such as Costco or other retail & grocery store chains, you may be able to take advantage of the cheaper gas prices offered through their joint gas station loyalty programs.

Since many of these retail gas station partnerships typically offer discounts on gas, it may well be worth becoming a member of one of these superstores or retail locations and as a result save on gas and on other goods and services as well.

Monitor Prices Online & from Mobile Devices:

Another method of staying in the loop in terms of gas prices in your area to track them directly from your computer or mobile device. Online sites like and can help you locate gas prices quite quickly by simply typing in your city and province – or postal code and hitting enter. This can also help you compare prices across a range of stations in that same city or region. These prices have been recorded by other drivers who have recently purchase gas at these locations, so you know they are relatively current and accurate.

Additionally,, MapQuest and other similar sites also offer their own downloaded phone Apps that will help you identify gas prices as well. Bing Maps and the Where App are a few other downloadable Apps that can also do the trick and may save you time as well as some gas money too.

The CAA APP also exists to help you monitor gas prices directly from your mobile device. The CAA offers this application for free through iPhone, iPad and certain Android and Blackberry devices as well and can also be a convenient and fast gas price search tool.

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