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Bad Credit Score Car Loan

A bad credit score is any score that limits a person’s ability to get the credit that they need. 25% of the population have a credit score of 699 or lower although many would argue that a credit score between 650 – 699 is more “Fair” than “Poor or Bad”.

Bad Credit Scores

Good Credit Scores

Good Credit scores are typically in the mid 700’s to 800’s and give a consumer as many options as possible when obtaining credit. Typically whether your credit score is 774 or 775 it won’t change your options, although when you get into a difference of 725 compared to a 800 it definitely might.

Car Loans with Bad Credit Score

With good credit there are lots of options for getting a car loan. When you have poor credit a lot of Canadians are turning to companies like Canada Drives. Canada Drives works by pairing customers across Canada with partner dealerships in the customers area who specialize in customers with low credit scores. All of our partners need to maintain a large inventory of cars, trucks, suvs and minivans and have the highest approval rates to stay active.

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