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November 1, 2018

Getting approved for auto financing in Canada has never been easier with Canada Drive’s safe and secure online application.

According to Google, one-third of Canadian adults are thinking about, researching or going through the process of buying a car. If you’ve never bought a car before, or haven’t in a long time, you might be curious to know where car buying begins, especially in 2018. Recent buyers will attest that the traditional way of car buying, one that entails a lot of physical time in a car dealership – negotiating, preparing documents, filling out paperwork, etc. – isn’t the most convenient option anymore.

Today, more and more Canadians are using the Internet to their advantage when it comes to car researching and shopping. With so many different online avenues – from car reviews to even vehicle purchasing – it’s impossible not to utilize the Internet for car buying purposes. Finding vehicle information online is both safe and secure, but what if you could find auto financing rates just as easily? This is where Canada Drives comes in.

Since 2010, Canada Drives has been simplifying the car buying process for Canadians across the nation. When you’re in the market to buy a car the traditional way, you’re required to shop for auto financing through either a bank or car dealership. However, Canada Drives does the finance shopping for you. The best part: it’s free, safe and secure. For Canadians with no or low credit, finding auto financing that fits your specific financial circumstance can take a lot of time and energy. However, Canada Drives minimizes the car buying pain points through an online application that only takes a couple of minutes. Regardless of your credit score, we’re devoted to getting all Canadians in their preferred cars with budgets that suit every individual need.

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When starting the car buying process, it’s common for someone to do online research first. This research typically consists of searching for the vehicle model that best suits your lifestyle. However, some people don’t qualify for the car they want, which is a huge time sucker when you go into a dealership. The trick to quick and easy car buying is to understand what you qualify for financially. Knowing this information before stepping foot inside of a dealership will guarantee that you’ll be approved for a vehicle with no hassle.

Canada Drives Has Inventory and Dealers in Your Neighbourhood

After a person applies with us online, they’re matched with one of our partner dealerships located close to them and best suited to help. On our online application, we ask for your budget, if you’re interested in trading in a current vehicle, your estimated credit score, date of birth and home address. All of these questions are vital to see if we have any partner dealerships in your neighbourhood. Canada Drives is partnered with hundreds of car dealerships all across Canada, and it’s rare for an applicant to not qualify for pre-approval. Luckily, some of our partner dealerships located closer to rural parts of the country can even deliver vehicles – this is extremely useful during harsh Canadian winters.

Once you’re qualified for a pre-approval, we ask a little bit of information about your current car – if you have one. Applicants provide us with details about what they’re currently paying on a car, employment status, monthly income before tax deductions, place of work and duration with employer. After this step is completed, applicants are prompted to fill out their name, email address and primary phone number so that we can reach them once we’ve reviewed the application. Typically, the minimum requirements for a person to be approved with us is that they make at least $10.25 an hour with full time work ($1,800 a month before tax deductions). If this is more than what you make monthly, we also have an option to apply with a cosigner, which is a great way to increase the chances of being approved. Once approved, you’ll receive a call from the dealership we match you with. The dealership will go over all of the necessary details and set up a time for you to visit.

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A majority of Canada Drives partner dealerships specialize in helping people with no or low credit. This means that if you’re currently in or coming out of a bankruptcy or in a consumer proposal, our partner dealerships can help you get approved for affordable auto financing, no matter your credit situation. If you’re ready to apply for free with us right now, visit Canada Drives to get started.


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