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Used vehicles are quite often overlooked by buyers in favour of brand new models. For many people, pre-owned cars may end up being a better option for them

Typically when you think of a used car you think of a rusty clunker that will fall apart in the blink of an eye. In reality, pre-owned vehicles can be of great quality and look just as nice as any new car. When looking over your vehicle options, make sure to forget about the negative connotation and remember these main benefits of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle over a new one.

Lower Costs
The cost of getting into a vehicle is one of the major factors in the decision process. Despite some used cars being only a few years older than the newest model, there is a large price gap between new and pre-owned vehicles. Often there will be many fees attached to a new model that escalates the overall price even further that used vehicles don’t have. On top of that, your insurance price will tend to go up if you decide on a new model. Sure that new car smell is great, but it’s up to you to decide if it is really worth spending a great deal more for it.

Depreciation Rate
The value of all cars, both new and used, will depreciate over time – there is just no way around it. Vehicles tend to lose their value month upon month with new cars experiencing a sharp drop the minute it leaves the lot. On the other hand, the value of pre-owned models does not experience such a sudden decrease - it will gradually depreciate.

Wide Selection
Ultimately, most dealerships will carry a larger array of pre-owned vehicles than new models. A wider selection gives you a better chance of finding the car that has exact specifications to meet your needs. If you choose to get a used vehicle, you will never limited to choosing between a handful of brand new cars and end up stuck with something you are unhappy with.

No matter if you decide to go with a new or used model, Canada Drives wants to get you into one our many available vehicles. Even if you have bad credit or no credit at all, you will still have options! Just because your credit history isn’t pristine that doesn’t mean that you will end up driving a vehicle that isn’t right for you. In fact, if you have bad credit or no credit we want to work with you. Canada Drives doesn’t believe that you should have to drive a car you hate simply because you have bad credit.

Our goal is to match you with a dealer partner that can not only get you the auto financing you need but also get you into a great car that you love. We want to help the hundreds of Canadians, who for many different reasons, have bad credit or no credit and get you matched up with the program that is going to help build your credit and get you driving. Apply with us for free today at to see what you could be eligible for!

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