The 5 Best Canadian Towns to Drive Through

November 22, 2016

Consider these destinations for an easy escape outside of the busy city and into some of Canada’s most beautiful small towns.

Everyone deserves time away from home to relax and explore. Today is International Go for a Ride Day, a time dedicated to celebrating the development of our transportation industry. Take advantage of this freedom to go wherever your wheels can carry you. Consider these destinations for an easy escape outside of the busy city and into some of Canada’s most beautiful small towns.

Goderich, Ontario

Located three hours south of Toronto, Goderich is set overlooking Lake Huron, and Queen Elizabeth II has named it, “the prettiest town in Canada.” Filled with charming shops, award-winning flower gardens and a long boardwalk that runs along the shoreline, Goderich is a quaint place to spend a weekend afternoon. Plan to be there early if you’re interested in checking out the flea or farmer’s markets in the central square!

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This port town close to Halifax is well known for its architecture and vibrant coloured homes. Established by German, French and Swiss settlers in the 1770s, the beautiful town of Lunenburg is located on the Fairhaven Peninsula at the western side of Mahone Bay and is a popular spot for seafood, shopping and historical tours. Relax by the water with a drink at Ironworks Distillery or a coffee and a treat at Laughing Whale!

Banff, Alberta

Surrounded by Banff National Park, the views from this town will leave you breathless. Considering the four-hour commute from Edmonton, fitting all of Banff’s attractions into one day is impossible thanks to its never-ending list of sights to see and things to do. From hiking and canoeing to leisurely strolls through small shops and cafes, regardless of how you choose to spend your day here you’ll be guaranteed a wonderful time.

Summerside, P.E.I.

Located 100km outside of Charlottetown, Summerside is a great option if you’re needing a quick escape. Take a stroll to one of the local lighthouses and enjoy the salty Gulf of St. Lawrence, or check out the weekly farmer’s market and antique shops. If you’re feeling hungry head to Skip’s Fish and Chips – a diner-style restaurant that serves only the freshest catch!

Trinity, Newfoundland

This small 18th-century looking harbor town is packed with old churches, museums and restored saltboxes houses – a history buffs dream. A three-hour drive outside of St. Johns, Trinity is home to only 200 people year-round. Cozy up in one of their cafes with a book, wander the streets with a camera in hand or sign up for a boat tour if you’re craving the sea. Be sure to make a pit stop at Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop!

Whatever you have planned for the day, remember: it’s all about enjoying the journey. Happy International Go for a Ride Day!


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