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Are Winter Tires Worth the Money?

One debate that seems to be a continuous topic is whether or not drivers should invest in winter tires

While Canadian laws do not require that drivers install snow tires during the winter weather, there does seem to be a lot of positive signs that point to having them when driving during this time of year. Other times, drivers may opt to use all-season tires all year round and perhaps depending on the type of vehicle you have and the features such as snow mode that may be available that can offset the slippery nature of driving.

Many drivers, particularly those that are driving is parts of the country that are more prone to snow and icy weather elements, may choose to use all-season or regular tires during the warmer seasons and replace them with winter ones during the colder months. As you can see it really does depend on a variety of scenarios, however ultimately, placing safety above all else is extremely important.

One major factor, that people may refrain from purchasing snow tires, is of course the cost. Depending on the vehicle, these tires can cost anywhere from up to $2000 for larger vehicles, such as SUVS and somewhat less for smaller cars. With that being said, are winter tires really worth this amount of money?? Let’s take a bit of a closer look at both sides of this debate.]

The Cons of Purchasing Winter Tires

Shying away from the extra cost of owning two sets of tires is extremely reasonable for many drivers. Over time, having snow tires can be quite pricey. As opposed to having all-season tires that may last on average for three years, owning snow tires means you have 2 sets that you only use for approximately half of the year. With this being said, you are likely to have these tires for up to 6 years, which albeit is longer, however you are expected to pay for the installation of each pair of tires twice a year. In addition, to this fee, which may be as high as $75 to $100, some vehicles require other attachments or hubcaps or steel rims in order to properly attach these alternative tire options.

If ultimately you choose to forego snow tires, perhaps you can choose to buy all-season tires that are less expensive and can save money, yet remain a perfectly safe option.

The Pros of Purchasing Winter Tires

As mentioned, while all-season tires can be less expensive, for example anywhere from $60 to $200 per tire, this typically also includes installation and balancing. This side of the argument stresses that having the most appropriate tires mean increased safety – and this definitely outweighs the costs. More specifically, if you want to minimize accidents, vehicle damage or medical bills, then perhaps having to pay extra for snow tires is the better way to go. After two years, it is likely that the tires will have paid for themselves and this then gives you 4 more years or so with that same set of tires, if proper maintenance is executed.

Aside from the price, what’s so unique about snow tires is the fact that they have superior treads that allow for improved traction when driven through ice and snow. With a softer rubber material, these tires are only suitable for winter driving. In the summer, when temperatures are warmer, this softer material will certainly experience more wear and tear so should be removed as soon as the warmer temperatures arrive. Ultimately, if you are on the fence about whether you should spend the money on snow tires, remember it does depend on your specific situation. How much do you drive? Where do you drive? What do you drive? – all of these factors can help you decide which is best for you.

Finally, nothing replaces good judgment when operating your vehicle. So, even if you have a more winter-friendly vehicle, you will want to pay attention to the weather conditions. Subsequently, if you feel that snow tires are the better option, while they can definitely provide further piece of mind, safe driving should still always be a top consideration.

Whether you decide to purchase snow tires or other tires, one thing is for sure – you will need a car to go with this set of wheels. If you require a new car, yet you are struggling with bad credit, Canada Drives can help you secure vehicle financing. Canada Drives understands that not all drivers have the same loan options as others, yet they also believe that this should not prevent them from obtaining a car loan. The company will help seek out lenders that will offer the best loan for you.

Now that you know you do have options when it comes to purchasing a car, you can weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if snow tires are a purchase worth making and if they will in the end, facilitate a safer driving experience.

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