Preparing Your Car for Autumn

October 11, 2016

Getting your car inspected and repaired when autumn arrives is a great way to prevent automotive difficulties in the dead of winter

Summer is the season of warm weather, long days and lots of time on the road. One of the most anticipated activities of the warmer months is going on road trips. However, driving in the heat for an extended period of time can take a toll on your vehicle. Getting your car inspected and repaired when autumn arrives is a great way to prevent automotive difficulties in the dead of winter.

You don’t have to get your ice-scraper out just yet, but ensuring that a few small steps for a seasonal tune-up are in place could save you time and money – and it only takes answering two questions:

1) Is your antifreeze full?

Connected to the radiator and stored in a plastic bottle under the roof of your car, antifreeze, also known as coolant, regulates your engines temperature and keeps it running properly. Your car’s engine produces a lot of heat, and it must be cooled to avoid engine damage. Antifreeze does this by circulating through engine passages, so if you notice that your coolant has a sludgy and oily surface, take your car to your mechanic as soon as you can because this could mean that there is a leak in your engine.

The condition and level of your vehicle’s antifreeze during the months of fall is vital to the health of your car. Coolant often gets diluted during summertime, making it lose its anti-corrosive properties. If you see that the liquid falls under the bottle’s “full” line, then it’s time to add more.

2) How's the air pressure in your tires?

Fluctuating temperatures outside can cause the air in your tires to expand and condense, which wreaks havoc on how they operate. Low tire pressure is common in cold weather conditions, as the switch in temperature can cause air contraction in your tires. Rotating your wheels at the beginning of autumn is a great way to prevent treadwear and keep your air pressure even. As well, keeping an eye on your tire pressure indicator will help ensure that you’re protecting yourself and your car against the environmental impacts of fall.

Driving in autumn isn’t quite as challenging as the winter months. However, it’s best to think of fall as a period of preparation for the sake of your safety on the road!


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