Canada Drives Funds Rare Disease Research

January 22, 2015

Canadian Auto Financing Company Gives Back to Community Starting with Donation of $6000.

Vancouver, January 29, 2015: Canada Drives, a Vancouver based business that helps people across Canada find auto financing programs, announced today the launch of their innovative community outreach program with a donation of $6000 to Canada’s Rare Disease Foundation. The goal of the new corporate outreach plan is to help multiple small start-up causes across Canada that each require small amounts of aid that will provide significant impact in assisting their growth.

“We are looking to practice community investment in a manner that might differ from your typical company,” Canada Drives Co-CEO Michael Galpin says. “Coming from a start-up background, we want the chance to give back to Canadian initiatives that are working hard to grow and reach their goals. The Rare Disease Foundation provides a great example for the type of non-profit organization that we want to help make a difference,” he says. The contribution made to the Rare Disease Foundation builds upon Canada Drives’ long-standing commitment to giving back to their community. “The great thing about diversifying the way we give donations now is that it allows for us to provide more support to more causes that do not necessarily receive as much attention as thoroughly developed organizations might,” says Canada Drives Founder & Co-CEO Cody Green. Started in 2009, The Rare Disease Foundation works to provide microgrant programs dedicated to funding the research, diagnosis, and treatment of rare diseases impacting Canadian youth. “We are extremely honoured and grateful that Canada Drives chose to aid our cause,” says Rare Disease Foundation Board Chair Isabel Jordan.

Contact: Elyssa Macfarlane | Email: [email protected]

Position: Communications Manager | Company: Canada Drives

Address: 600-555 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC-30-

Additional Information:

  • Canada Drives was founded in 2010 and has grown substantially since then with over 300,000 people (approximately 1% of the entire Canadian population) having applied through their service in the past year.
  • The Canada Drives team fundraised $6000. $1000 was raised by staff over the course of a week which was matched by a multiple of five by the company.
  • The Rare Disease Foundation’s grants are $3500 each.

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