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Bad Credit Car Refinance

When people are looking to refinance a vehicle they are typically wanting to do it because the payments they were making on their current vehicle have become unmanageable

If you are wanting to go back to the lender who you originally have the loan with to refinance they may or may not be flexible. If you originally agreed to a long term with a low down payment your first time around, a refinance may not improve your payments. If you did a shorter term and possibly put money down, then there may be options to lengthen the term and decrease the payments.

If these options aren’t available you may want to look at trading your vehicle in. Canada Drives has programs where you can trade in your vehicle with high payments and get options that could lower your monthly payments on a different vehicle. These programs can be available even if you have poor credit. Complete an online application to have a vehicle finance specialist go over all of your refinance auto loan options.

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