Is Canada Drives a Dealership?

The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in Canada.

We asked Canadians what they hated most about car shopping – and then we fixed it. Canada Drives has reinvented the dealership experience for the 21st century!

1. Shop 100% online

Nobody likes to feel forced into making a decision before they're ready. That's why we put the entire shopping experience 100% online, allowing Canadians to do the whole process (shop, pay or finance, and sign paperwork) at their own pace.

We've also eliminated those tedious Saturdays wasted in a finance office waiting for this manager or that manager. We enable Canadians to buy a car in as little as a few minutes.

Canada Drives' online-only model also means less overhead and no dealer fees, and those savings get passed onto our customers!

2. Better than a test drive

When you visit a dealership lot to test drive a car, you usually only get 15 or 20 minutes to drive around the block and hurry back. You won't learn a lot about the car during this time, but you might still feel pressured to buy.

That’s why Canada Drives' Love it or Return It Guarantee offers a ‘test own’ experience. Take 7 days with the car – plenty of time to make a qualified decision about whether the car is right for you. Take it along all your usual routes. Drive to work, to the grocery store, and to the gym. Try it out on city and highway roads.

If you decide that the car isn’t right for you, you can return it. We’ll even come and pick it up for you!

3. Delivered to your door

Canada Drives truck and trailer delivers vehicle to customer's home

While some dealerships offer online car sales, they still want you to eventually come to the lot and pick up the car. But when we say "100% online", we mean it. Just give us a time that best fits your schedule and we'll deliver your new car to your door.

4. Hundreds of certified vehicles

The average dealership has 30 to 40 used vehicles on its lot, but when you shop Canada Drives, you find hundreds of cars, trucks, and SUVs that are available to buy today. 

All Canada Drives vehicles come with a 150-point inspection, so you know you’re getting a stringently inspected vehicle. Plus, each car comes with a no-charge 30 day/1,500 kilometre warranty and a free CARFAX history report, giving you greater confidence about your purchase.

5. All credit scores welcome

Many dealerships are only set up to work with prime customers. But Canada Drives has spent the last ten years building a network of prime and non-prime lending partners (including some of The Big Five banks). 

If you’d rather not be financed through Canada Drives, that’s no problem. Additional payment options include paying in full via debit and credit cards, paying partially in advance and partially upon delivery, or securing a loan from your own financial institution.

If you do decide to finance with Canada Drives, rest assured that dedicated teams are working constantly to ensure you get approved for the best rates possible.

Find your perfect car today!

Buying a car doesn’t have to be stressful or exhausting. 

Begin your journey to a new vehicle today! Get pre-approved to understand your budget, or you can go straight to our online showroom and start searching hundreds of certified vehicles immediately!

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