Car Loans for Every Situation

Car Loans – Discharged from Bankruptcy

When you get discharged from Bankruptcy it may be the perfect time to apply for a car loan. Car Loans can be a great way to rebuild your credit and more and more lenders are looking get you a car loan.

Car Loans – Consumer Proposals

Don’t let a consumer proposal stop you from getting a car loan. Everyone needs reliable transportation!

Car Loans – With No Credit

Customer with No Credit and 1st Time Buyers can still apply for car loans. Things such as employment history and income are taken into consideration to allow customers to get car loans even with no credit!

Car Loans – With Zero Down

It may not even be necessary to put money down when getting your next car loan. A lot of customers are getting approved with as little as $0 down.

Car Loans – With Bad Credit

Getting car loans with bad credit has never been easier. Canada Drives will help you get paired with a local dealership specializing in bad credit car loans and wanting to earn your business. They will make sure you get a great deal on a vehicle and a payment you can afford.

Car Loans – With Trade

Don’t worry if you have a trade-in and you need a car loan. Your old car loan on the vehicle your trading in will be paid off ( we’ll worry about that ) and then any positive equity will help lower your payment.

Car Loans don’t have to be confusing!

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