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So you want to get a Car Loan on Credit. Here's a few tips to ensure you have everything you need to make the application go as smoothly as possible.

What am I going to need to get a Car Loan on Credit?

Typically the things you are going to need are as follows:

Driver’s License: Most Banks and Lenders are going to want to make sure that you are legally able to drive before they will give you credit to get a vehicle. In some cases having a learners or new driver’s license will be enough, but it’s always worth checking.

Income: Most people applying for credit for a car loan will have to prove that they have a job. If you don’t have a job it may be enough if you can just show you have money coming in that will allow you to make the payments.

Citizenship + Age: Although a lot of lenders will give credit for a car loan to landed immigrants and “9” SIN numbers you may have to prove your legal standing in Canada. This is sometimes done through providing your social insurance number. Also to be able to getcredit for a car loan in Canada you must be at least 18 years of age.

What if I have Bad Credit or No Credit and need a Car Loan?

If you are looking to get credit for a car loan, but may have had some issues with credit in the past you’ve come to the right place. Canada Drives works with customers who have gone through bankruptcy, missed payments, had late payments, had collections and many other credit compromising situations.

We work by pairing you up with a local dealership that is ready and able to assist you in obtaining credit for a car loan. They will walk you through every step of the process and make sure you get the best terms possible, while making sure you find a vehicle that you love.

** Making payments on a vehicle is a great way to get good credit, which will give you even more options for your next car loan! **

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