One of the most frustrating experiences for Canadians with bad credit, no credit or poor credit in Canada is trying to find a dealership that can help.  Customers quickly find that just cause there’s a sign out front saying “All Applications Accepted” or “100% Approved” that not everyone can in fact get vehicle financing.

Bad Credit Customers – Dealerships that help:

The first thing to look for before you decide to proceed with an application and obtaining financing from a dealerships is to have a look at their inventory.

Inventory – If there aren’t any cars in their inventory that you’d be happy driving then it doesn’t matter if you can be approved. Also, dealerships that truly can help bad credit customers should have inventories of 50+ pre-owned vehicles and the inventories should include a wide variety of cars, trucks, suvs and minivans.

Lenders - Having the right inventory is step one. Step two is making sure they have a wide variety of lenders available to access when obtaining financing on your behalf. In Canada some popular lenders to help bad credit customers are: CarFinco, Scotia Dealer Advantage, RIFCO and VFC which is now through TD. Also some dealerships run in-house financing which means you make payments directly to the dealership ( also known as buy-here-pay-here ).

Staff - The dealership should have a separate department that looks after alternative financing solutions and not just a salesman who helps out when he’s not busy with his other responsibilities.


Canada Drives Finds Dealerships that Help Bad Credit Customers

One of the primary services we offer is matching Canadians with dealerships in their area that have the right programs, lenders, departments and inventory to help Canadians with bad credit. We pride ourselves in making sure you get the best deal and have your application processed in a timely manner.

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