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Financing a Car the Easy Way

Have you even have the challenge of trying to finance a car with bad or no credit?  It can be an extremely frustrating experience. Going from bank to bank to dealership to dealership only to find out that you can’t get approved.

Canada Drives makes Financing a Car with Bad Credit Simple + Easy

When you apply online or by phone we’ll do the legwork for you. We work with dealerships across the country that specialize in helping customers with less than perfect credit history. They want your business and will work hard to get you a competitive approval and great deal on a vehicle to prove it!

Financing a Car with No Credit

A lot of customers especially younger Canadians may not have a very extensive credit history. Our approval centres look at things other than credit to find ways to get you approved and sometimes having an income is all you need.

Financing a Car after Bankruptcy

Trying to obtain financing after a bankruptcy used to be extremely challenging. This is shifting as a lot of lenders look at being discharged from Bankruptcy as a new beginning for Canadians and are willing and able to help them get approved. ** New * * Some customers not discharged from bankruptcy may be eligible for approval – apply for details.

Financing a Car with Zero Down

We know how hard it can be to save money for a down payment. That’s why a lot of the time you don’t need to put a penny down. We will work to get you an approval regardless of your financial situation, including $0 Down.

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