The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in Canada.

If you live near Flin Flon, MB you might have trouble finding your auto loan if your credit isn’t the best.  We are here to help!  Our focus is helping customers who have bad credit, no credit or maybe just missed a few payments!

Maybe you’re looking at refinancing a car loan or how car loans after bankruptcy work. Whatever type of car loan you’re looking for – we’ll work our hardest to help you.

MB Car Loan Approvals – How we do it?

  • In depth application process that looks at your current situation – NOT your past.
  • Caring and empathetic staff concerned with your budget and needs – NOT ours.
  • Years of experience working with private lenders and banks to get the best approvals.
  • Inventory of trucks, SUVs, vans and cars to fit almost any approval.

Manitoba Car Loan Rates, Credit Help, Bad Credit Financing…

  • Do you have lots of debt?
  • Have you missed payments in the past?
  • Credit card accounts frozen or closed? or even over limit?
  • Have you gone through an ugly divorce or bankruptcy?
  • Been to credit counselling? Orderly payment of debt?
  • Cell phone collections?


No matter what you situation is, we can help!  Apply now or give us a call.

Flin Flon is a hub to Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the majority of people we do business with live in Flin Flon, Manitoba or Creighton, Saskatchewan.  We also get a lot of our customers from smaller towns and villages in the North and that’s why we’ve set up our famous Free Delivery.  If you live far away or don’t have a vehicle yet, we’ll bring one to you – no matter how far away you live (anywhere in Saskatchewan or Manitoba). Some places we’ve been recently:

Granville Lake, MB
Highrock Lake, MB
Sisipuk Lake, MB
Kississing Lake, MB
Flin Flon, MB
Creighton, SK
Snow Lake, MB
Grass River, MB
Clearwater Lake, MB
The Pas, MB
Cedar Lake, MB
Grand Rapids, MB
Sandy Bay, SK
Pelican Narrows, SK
Denare Beach, SK
Cumberland House, SK
Towbin Lake, SK
Narrow Hills, SK
Smeaton, SK
Choiceland, SK
Nipawain, SK
Carrot River, SK
Hudson Bay, SK
Arborfield, SK

We make your online car loan experience easy.  Apply today and you’ll be driving your next car or truck before you know it. Bad credit car loans are our speciality, so let us help you with your next purchase.  Apply today and we’ll get you pre-approved.

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