I Don’t Have Bad Credit – I Want A Cash Deal

That’s great. Please call us or contact us by email. We’ll take your request and shop it around to our pre-selected dealerships to get you the best price possible.

How Do I Know If I Need Your Service?

Here’s a few guidelines. Right now, about 25% of the population has a credit score of 699 or lower. That’s approximately the cutoff point where banks start to look more closely at everything else in your financial picture, such as job, income, bills, etc. The lower your score, the harder it will be to get approved at the major banks, and the more common it will be for them to ask for sizeable down payments, cosigners, etc. Our service is designed for customers who want to take the guesswork out of buying a vehicle and have their financing in place before choosing their next car – kind of like getting pre-approved before shopping for a house. You’ll know what price range / type of vehicle you have been approved for before you spend valuable time looking at cars you may not qualify for.

I’ve Tried Before – How Are You Different?

You know what? Everyone asks that question! Here’s how we make our service better:

  • Dealer partners that are excited to get you business.
  • Experienced staff willing to go the extra mile to get you approved.
  • Fast and Free Guaranteed Approval Process.
  • Inventory – excellent selection of new and used vehicles.
  • Lenders willing to fight for your business.

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