A car loan with bad credit or a car loan with no money down – two very common requests from our customers.  Luckily, we’re here to help and we are Fredericton, New Brunswick’s number one choice for bad credit auto financing.

We are very different from most dealerships.  While most dealerships are not properly equipped to handle customers who do not have the best credit – we are!  In fact, it’s our specialty and we are very good at it.  Over the years we have marketed ourselves as the leader in Fredericton and New Brunswick for helping people with poor credit get the car they want and deserve.

Auto Loan in Fredericton New Brunswick with Bad Credit

You might be thinking all dealerships are the same, but you’re wrong.  We’re specialists and here’s how we do it:

  • The best staff serving New Brunswick and Canada at getting you approved.
  • The most diverse inventory that allows us to work with almost any approval.
  • No charge delivery to anywhere in New Brunswick including Fredericton and the surrounding areas.
  • Lenders with millions of dollars to help you get a loan with bad credit or a loan with no money down.

Let us show you how to get a loan with bad credit.  If you’ve had any of the following problems we can help:

  • Bankruptcy – car loan approved
  • Divorce – van loan approved
  • Late payments – truck loan approved
  • Collections – SUV loan approved
  • Written off credit cards – auto loan approved

We will approve your auto loan for a car, truck, SUV or van in almost any circumstance.  

We serve Fredericton, NB and service all of the surrounding areas.  We do lots and lots of business in the following areas, but no matter where you live we are here to help.  We even offer free delivery!

Fredericton, NB
New Maryland, NB
McAdam, NB
Spednic Lake, NB
Oromocto, NB
Gagetown, NB
Minto, NB
Chipman, NB
Stanley, NB
Woodstock, NB
Canterbuy, NB
Meductic, NB
Woodstock, NB
Doaktown, NB
Florenceville-Bristol, NB
Perth-Andover, NB
Plaster Rock, NB
Drummon, NB
Grand Falls, NB
Edmundston, NB
Saint-Quentin, NB
Kedgwick, NB

Apply now and get a car loan with bad credit or a car loan with no money down.  If you’re a first time buyer and you want to establish your credit, apply now.  If you have bad credit that needs to be re-established, apply now.  Regardless of your situation, let us help you. Apply today.

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