How we work:

Canada Drives works by pairing you up with the dealership in your area that is best suited to help you out. We have partnered with dealerships across Canada that specialize in helping people with less than perfect credit history. The single biggest mistake you can make when shopping for a vehicle is to go to a dealership that isn’t prepared for people in your circumstance. Most car dealerships get the majority of their business from people who either have good credit or who are paying cash, and therefore they aren’t properly equipped to handle the unique challenges facing many Canadians today. We match you up with a dealership who has highly trained and skilled staff whose main priority is helping Canadians get they vehicle they need at payments they can afford. Just because you have bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t get a vehicle. Whether it’s for work, family or pleasure, they’ll work their hardest to get you approved.

Bad Credit Situations:

There are lots of reasons people end up with bad credit and the reality is that it’s more common than you think. Our partners will work hard to get you approved regardless of your past credit history. Here’s a list of the most common reasons people apply for a bad credit car loan:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Divorce
  • Late payments or missed payments
  • Collections and outstanding loans

Apply Now:

Our Guaranteed Approval Process ensures that your request receives the attention it deserves. When you apply online, your application is processed quickly (sometimes within 30 minutes) and our partners will start to work with all of the available lenders to put a pre-approval in place for your next car loan. Once the pre-approval is ready, they will call you to set up a consultation and invite you to the dealership. At the dealership, you will typically review your Free Credit Report with the finance specialist and go over any missing information. If you have questions during the process we have a dedicated toll free number so you can quickly check the status of your application with one of our staff members.

I Live Outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia:

No probelm! We offer our services across most of Canada and even have free delivery to rural areas outside of the major cities our partners are located in. We offer our services free of charge to all residents of Nova Scotia, regardless of where you are located in the province. Apply today and start driving the vehicle you deserve!

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