Myths and Misconceptions About Bad Credit Loans


You can’t get a loan with bad credit!

FALSE – Lenders are more and more realizing with the ups and downs of the Canadian economy that they have to be ready to help people from all types of credit situations.


If you do get a loan, the interest rate will be really high!

FALSE - Having bad credit and doesn’t mean you’re going to get stuck with a high-interest loan. A lot of customers who apply have gotten low-interest loans while rebuilding their credit.


Applying Online is a scam!

FALSE - We strongly encourage everyone to be careful when they give their information out online. At the top of our website is a Verisign Trust Symbol – this tells you who we are ” GDC Automotive Services” and where our Head Office is “Vancouver” ( we work with local partner dealerships coast to coast ). We make sure every application is secure with our advanced encryption and privacy measures. If you have any questions as you go call our approval hotline 1-888-279-3447


I’ll be forced to choose a vehicle I don’t want!

FALSE - You will be selecting a vehicle from our partner dealerships inventory, but we make sure we only deal with approval centers that have a wide variety of late model Cars, Trucks, Minivans and SUVS.


Canada Drives® Easy 3 Step Approval Process

  1. Simply fill out our fast & easy online application – it’s 100% secure and takes just 2 minutes.
  2. You will be automatically connected to a local approval center who will process your application and begin to prepare vehicle options. We will match you with one of our partner dealerships who is located close to you and best suited to help.
  3. So, if you want to re-establish your credit or if you’re tired of being turned down – apply now for your bad credit car loan!

Applying Online is always no obligation, so if you don’t find a car you love, you don’t buy!


Does Canada Drives Do Personal Loans?

Yes, we do! Our sister company, Fresh Start Finance has made getting a personal loan easy. You can apply online, and even text your way through the application process, all without going to the bank.


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