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Types of Loans for Cars:

No Credit Loans for Cars

One obstacle that can stand in the way of people getting approved for a car loan is a lack of credit. The youngest a person can be to really start building their credit is 18 years old in Canada. It’s around this time that a lot of Canadians need their first vehicle loan. Canada Drives works with 1st time buyers to help them get a great vehicle and a great approval. Whether you just turned 18 years old or if you’ve just not had much credit in the past let us help.

Bad Credit Loans for Cars

There are a lot of ways in which a person can “damage” their credit. Whether it might be missing some payments, having some collections or even writing off some accounts. We want to work to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have a great vehicle by providing access to bad credit loans for cars and getting hard to finance Canadians approved!

Zero Down Loans for Cars

Another challenge can be trying to save up money for a vehicle. We understand how tight times can get and that saving multiple thousand dollars for a down payment may not be in the cards. We work to get customers driving a vehicle with little or zero down because we know if you had a ton of money to put down, you wouldn’t need a loan!!

Loans for Cars After Bankruptcy

When bills become too much a lot of Canadians file for bankruptcy. It can be the smart thing to do, but when you get discharged you still need reliable transportation and getting loans for cars can be a challenge. Canada Drives works with affiliate dealerships that have programs for people who have been through bankruptcy discharged or not, that can get you driving and rebuilding your credit it no time!

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