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February 16, 2016

New Online Car Buying Experience - Your Next Car Will Find You

“After identifying the vehicle he wanted - and also one he could afford - he simply filled out the application and we - along with our lending and dealership partners did the rest.”

A friend of mine, Johnny, recently told me about his eye-opening experience of applying for an online car loan. With online car loans offering many new opportunities that can help individuals access the car loans they need, Johnny wanted to share his story with me and highlight just how simple this process really is.

The first step he took in this process was to submit his online application with us here at Canada Drives which detailed which vehicle he was looking for. He also used our online loan affordability calculator that can, in mere seconds, let you know what size loan you can afford. This step breaks down the monthly payments in terms of what you can afford; the interest rate, and the loan term (5 years, for example) - and voila - you have your answer.

Whether you determine at this point in time you can afford a loan size of $25,000 or more - or less - this piece of information is important at the get-go - and as Johnny explained - it provided him with insight into what vehicles he could afford.

He completed the form by including some basic personal details, such as his driver’s license, address and contact information, including a valid email address, as well as relaying his employment history and current income. All in all, he said that the process was straightforward since we only require information we actually need - this portion of the application only took him a total of 2 minutes!

Next up is the confirmation email he received- also within mere minutes. Following his application submission, this email notified him that his personal car loan application was currently being processed, assuring him that the process was already put into motion.

Since we, here at Canada Drives, have a strong relationship with many leading auto dealers, we can locate the vehicle you want very quickly. Through this connection - Johnny’s application was approved for the financing he needed within hours - again really moving things along and getting him closer to that car!

Now that his new car had ‘found him’ - he learned that a network of lenders would be evaluated to find him a personalized loan, meeting his financial parameters. Ultimately, what made him even more upbeat was the amount of support and legwork done on his behalf. After identifying the vehicle he wanted - and also one he could afford - he simply filled out the application and we - along with our lending and dealership partners did the rest.

As a final step, Johnny learned that a lender who could offer him the car loan he needed would soon contact him with the specifics of his approved loan. To add further ease to this process, he was contacted just 24 hours later by this lender. He didn’t have endless hours waiting, just action. As a result, he was thrilled to know that it wouldn’t be much longer until he was out driving his new car.

Johnny’s story helped me to see that anyone could move through this process in a very short amount of time - and just as his car found him - through Canada Drives, your new car could also find you in a matter of hours!

With the fast-paced world that we live in, having a car can help us to keep up with these demands. Not only are we able to help facilitate this car buying process, Johnny was able to finance his new vehicle in an affordable and hassle-free manner. I am so glad he shared his story with us and as a result I am just as excited that we can help others take their next steps as a car owner.

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