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How to get a car with no credit

Getting a car loan with no credit was a challenge until Canada Drives came along. We're different from traditional lenders because we can handle any credit situation. Here's a few of many situations we handle.

1st Time Buyers / First Time Buyers: If you have never purchased a vehicle before, but want to get a bit more of a vehicle than you’ve saved up for we understand. It can be hard to get your first auto loan. We want to make sure Canadians young and old are able to get a great vehicle at a great price even if it’s their first time.

New immigrant car loans: It can be hard to get financing if you’re new to Canada and new to Canadian Credit. A lot of our dealer partners specialize in working with customers who have recently become permanent residents.

No Credit: A lot of Canadians go a long time in their lives before they need credit. The first time you apply for credit of any time you start with “no credit” and then build from there. Getting a payment that fits your lifestyle and budget allows you to build your credit while driving your next vehicle.

Bad credit: Bad Credit or No (good) Credit is also quite common. If you’ve made some mistakes and have a low credit score it can be as challenging as starting from scratch when trying to get a vehicle on credit. Canada Drives work with Bad Credit customers as well!

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