Getting a car loan with bad credit in Ottawa is easy with Canada Drives®

At Canada Drives, our mission is to get Canadians driving as soon as possible. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, a car loan is within reach and can even help you rebuild your credit!

If you have bad credit in Ottawa, why not save yourself a lot of time by focusing on the dealerships that know how to help bad credit customers?

If you live close to downtown in places like Westboro, Overbrook, Alta Vista, or Carlington, there are lots of nearby dealerships to choose from when you’re ready to buy a car, but many of these dealerships don’t offer bad credit car loans in Ottawa. 

Canada Drives Service Areas Surrounding Ottawa

If you live further outside Ottawa in places like Nepean, Kanata, Goulbourn, Ficko, or Kemptville, it can be even harder to find a dealership near you that works with bad credit customers. Canada drives makes getting approved easy, even if you have bad credit... As the premier bad credit car loan specialists in Canada, we’re partnered with dozens of certified dealerships and most of the top lenders in Ottawa, Ontario.

Apply for pre-approval online in just 2 minutes, and get matched with bad credit car dealers in the Ottawa area with the vehicle and affordable payments you're looking for.

And the best part? Our service is FREE for car shoppers!

Since 2010, we’ve been growing our network of dealerships and lenders in Ottawa. We work with:

  • Dedicated staff and consultants with years of experience in helping customers with bad credit or no credit to get a loan.
  • Over 350 dealership partners with a huge inventory of vehicles in every price range to match your budget and lifestyle.
  • Trustworthy lenders that specialize in approving loans for credit-challenged customers.

When banks say NO, Canada Drives® says YES

If you’ve been declined for finance in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Here's what sets Canada Drives apart:

  • We work with ALL credit situations: Bad credit? No credit? No matter where you are on the credit spectrum, our digital doors are open 24/7!
  • Easy online application: We have made the online application process extremely quick and painless. It takes 2 minutes to complete!
  • Incredibly fast pre-approval: Don’t waste time looking at vehicles you can’t afford. Apply and get pre-approved in the same day!
  • No more face-to-face appointments: We do everything by phone or email. It means less paperwork and less effort for you!
  • Massive selection of vehicles: Whether you want a car, truck, van, or SUV, our extensive nationwide network of dealerships has what you're looking for.
  • Thousands of happy customers: Since 2010, we've been helping customers find great cars and affordable loans! But don't take our word for it; check the reviews for yourself!
  • $0 money down: If you have bad credit and want to avoid a down payment, we have zero down options for you!
  • NO OBLIGATION to commit: Changed your mind? Simply walk away!
  • Our service is FREE: What have you got to lose? See what you're eligible for today!

How Canada Drives® helps bad credit customers in Ottawa!

Bad credit is more common than you think it is, but we’ve helped over 1 million Canadians find reliable vehicles with affordable auto financing. We specialize in helping credit-challenged individuals facing:

  • Missed Payments: Most people have missed a payment or two in their lifetime
  • No Credit /First-time Borrower: Everyone has to start somewhere; why not start with an affordable car loan?
  • Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal: Start fresh and build your credit faster by making payments on a great vehicle.
  • Divorce: It happens to more than 35% of marriages.
  • Repossessions: Got a bad deal? Ran into hard times? It happens. We can help!
  • New to Canada: Welcome! Many Ottawa residents weren’t born in Canada. 

And did you know that once you get approved, a car loan can actually help you rebuild your credit rating? That’s right, our loans act as stepping stones to a better credit rating. And with a better credit rating, you’ll qualify for a better interest rate in the future!

Apply today to see how we can help you find a car, secure auto financing, and get on the road to a better financial standing in a matter of days!

Get pre-approved in a few simple steps

Ready to apply? You could be driving your new vehicle within 48 hours! Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide what kind of car you want and what your budget allows for. You can use our Car Loan Calculator to figure out your monthly payments. You don’t need to know your credit score before applying, but if you're interested, you can learn your credit score for FREE at sites like Borrowell.
  2. If you're not sure what you can afford, you can skip step one, and complete our fast online application. It’s FREE to apply, only takes 2 minutes, and is 100% secure. We DO NOT NEED your Social Insurance Number (SIN).
  3. Once we review your application, one of our consultants will reach out to chat about your options. We'll match your profile with a certified dealership in your area with a variety of vehicles to match your budget and needs. Then, all you have to do is pick a car you love!

Get approved for a poor credit car loan anywhere around Ottawa.

We don’t just serve Ottawa, we’re set up to help nearly every car buyer in Ontario! Apply now and get near-instant approval in:

Napean Kanata Hull Rockcliffe Park
Gloucester Gatineau Uplands Britannia
Templeton Aylmer Old Chelsea Orleans

So, if you’re tired of wasting time and getting declined, apply now for your bad credit car loan! It really is that easy!

Pro tip: Make sure to ask your dealer about our zero down options!

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