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Prince Edward County Fast Facts:

Population: 25,500

Province: Ontario

Includes: Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington, Ameliasburgh, Athol, Hallowell, Hillier, Marysburgh, Sophiasburgh,

Canada Drives has expanded their services to help customers with bad credit or even no credit in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We understand that everyone deserves a second chance and that past credit blemishes shouldn’t stop a person from having good reliable transportation.

Auto Loans Prince Edward County

We want to take the mystery out of getting approved on a no credit vehicle loan. We have the easiest process for getting you that great vehicle and the financing that goes with it.

Online Application – this should take between 60 seconds and 2 minutes to complete and is secure. If you run into issues call 1-888-279-3447

Vehicle Requirements / Confirmation – A local licensed dealer representative will contact you and confirm your information as well as figure out exactly what you need for a vehicle and your budget for monthly payments

Test Drive + Selection / Vehicle Delivery - You will then set a time to go in and test drive the vehicle(s) that you are interested in. If you live out of town ( we deal Canada-wide with local approval centers almost everywhere ) you may have the option of getting the vehicle delivered to your door

It’s that easy and you could be driving your vehicle as fast as the same day!

No Credit Prince Edward County Loans

One of our specialties is working with customers who have no credit. This could be because you’re new to Canada or maybe just a young Canadian without an established credit history. We specialize in getting great vehicles to these customers so they can build their credit while driving something they love!


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