Credit Building

Spring Financial® was formed as part of the Canada Drives® group because we were frustrated that many Canadians were being declined for credit or were paying unreasonably high interest rates on their loans with no opportunity to improve their situation.

Spring is a new generation of credit building that allows Canadians to establish a positive payment history while you save money.

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Benefits of Using Spring Financial

Save Money

Helps you build a savings account which can be used towards further investments.

Build Payment History

Build a positive payment history with each payment being reported to the Credit Bureau.

Increase Credit Score

Improve your credit score so you can decrease interest rates on current or future loans saving you thousands of dollars.

Increase Approvals

With an improved credit score you can qualify for future loans, car loans, credit cards or mortgages.

Additional Services

Gain access to a wide range of financial services including personal loans, car loans, and other credit building options.

Credit Consultation

Free credit consultation with one of our credit specialists to help you further understand how to improve your credit.

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