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Options for Getting a Car Loan in Richmond with Bad Credit

  1. You can always try to go to your Bank to get vehicle financing with Bad Credit in Richmond
  2. Walk into a local dealership and hope they have programs available to help different credit situations.
  3. Let Canada Drives work out all of your Vehicle Finance options from the comfort of your home!

The problem with option one and two is the uncertainty. Most banks aren’t equipped to help Richmond customers with Bad Credit. They typically want customers with credit scores in the 700’s or higher in order for them to give you vehicle loan options.

Local dealerships are also an uncertain way of getting approved. A lot of the time they won’t have programs for No Credit and Bad Credit Customers, and you will end up spending a bunch of time for nothing.

Canada Drives specialize in Bad Credit Car Loans

No Credit Vehicle Loans in Richmond

When you Apply Online with Canada Drives you have a dedicated vehicle finance expert at your disposal who will help with every step of the application. Our approval centers have programs for Bad Credit, No Credit and everything in between and always have a wide variety of vehicles from different manufacturers to choose from.

“We understand that people from Richmond need more options when it come to getting a vehicle with bad credit so we’re here to fill that void.”

We work with customers from throughout Canada as with programs especially designed for people from the Greater Lower Mainland of British Columbia

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