At Canada Drives®, our mission is to get Canadians driving as soon as possible. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, a car loan is easier to secure than ever before, and can even help you rebuild your credit!

If you have bad credit in Sudbury, you can save yourself a lot of time and stress by focusing on the dealerships that know how to help bad credit customers...

Where can I get a bad credit car loan in Sudbury, Ontario? 

We work with customers from Sudbury and all over Ontario that want to get behind the wheel of a new car. And did you know, a car loan can actually help you build credit?

With Canada Drives®, you can apply for finance online in three minutes, get preapproved in a couple of hours, and get matched with a local dealership in Sudbury or near Sudbury that has a great vehicle at the price you’re looking for! And did you know, a car loan can actually help you build credit?!

As the premier bad credit car loan specialists in Canada, we’re partnered with dozens of certified dealerships and most of the top lenders in Sudbury, Ontario. Apply online today and drive away tomorrow.

We serve ALL towns, cities, and regions of Ontario.

We can work with you wherever you are! Our technology will match you with a dealership in your area that has the best possible rates and dozens of vehicle options. Besides Sudbury, we also serve:

Sturgeon Falls
Little Current
North Bay
Elliot Lake
South River
Parry Sound
Blind River

Why we can help when others cannot:

Canada Drives are industry-leading car loan experts. We only work with:

  1. Experienced lenders that specialize in approving loans for customers who don’t have good credit.
  2. Dedicated staff with years of experience in helping customers with bad credit or other challenging credit situations.
  3. Certified dealership partners with a huge inventory of affordable vehicles in all price ranges to fit your budget.

How Canada Drives® helps bad credit customers in Sudbury!

We offer solutions for a variety of financial situations. We know how to get you approved even if you're facing:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Collections
  • R9’s
  • Missed Payments
  • Wrote off Credit Cards
  • Repossessions
  • No Established Credit
  • Consumer Proposals
  • Divorce

Auto finance is easy with Canada Drives

Get approved in a few simple steps! Here’s how it works:

    Step 1 - First, we ask you to pick a vehicle type. By indicating which type of car you are looking to finance, we are able to find dealers that have this particular kind of vehicle in their inventory.

    Step 2 -  Next, you need to fill out our online Car Loan Application form. The application takes just 3 minutes and we only ask for basic details. With this information, we are able to determine how much you're eligible for. 

    Step 3 - Then, we'll match your application with a certified dealer partner who is able to discuss your vehicle options. You can expect to be contacted by a dealership near you that is in the best position to offer you a suitable vehicle with a monthly payment that makes sense.

And the best part about our service? It's FREE!

Pro Tip: Make sure to ask your dealer about our 0 down payment car deals!

Kenneth got his first car with no credit

"Their consultants were very polite, patient and professional. I just got the keys for a Nissan Sentra with low mileage, and all accessories included! I'm very happy with their service, they help people with good or bad credit. Highly recommend for anyone looking for their first car."

How do I qualify for a Sudbury bad credit car loan?

The minimum requirements are simple:

  • Are you at least 18 years old? 
  • Do you have a driver’s license?
  • Do you work full time? 

If your answers to these questions are YES, apply online, and let us handle the rest! Your bad credit car loan is just a few clicks away! It really is that easy!

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