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Getting a loan with zero down can be a challenge. Here are some things to know. When assessing whether a person with bad or no credit can get approved for a vehicle loan the lenders will typically look at a few things:

Affordability – how the payment would fit into your monthly budget once you’ve paid your other bills

Credit History – Lenders want to know how you’ve paid back people in the past. This will help them determine the risk of you paying off your new loan obligation

Vehicle Choice – Lenders want to make sure you’re getting a good deal. They don’t want to lend $10,000 on a $500 car so this can be important factor when getting approved.

Down Payment – Lenders want to make sure that if you stop making payments that the money you owe is similar or less than the value of the car if it gets turned back. Having a down payment helps this.

How do I get a Zero Down Auto Loan?

We’ve told you what lenders look at. So now what? If you’re like a lot of Canadians and have less than perfect credit and don’t have a down payment –  then let us help.

Canada Drives and it’s network of affiliate dealerships can get zero down car loans because:

Smart Inventory - Our affiliates get great deals on cars and then sell them to the customers at great deals. If we sell you cars at lower prices then the lenders risk is low and you don’t have to give a big down payment

Experience - Canada Drives has years of experience working with Canadians from all types of credit and financial situations.

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