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2022 Cadillac Escalade vs 2022 Lincoln Navigator

Equating luxury with spaciousness is nothing new. Ever walked around the grounds of the Palace of Versailles? There’s a fair bit of room there.

It’s true of luxury cars, too. Nearly a century ago the Bugatti Type 41 Royale measured more than 6.4 m (21 feet) in length, weighed 3,170 kg (7,000 lbs) and used a straight eight-cylinder engine displacing nearly 13L. At the time it was the pinnacle of automotive decadence, and gratuitous excess.

By comparison, the two grandiose flagship models seen here from America’s storied premium brands, Cadillac and Lincoln, would be dwarfed by that great old Bugatti, yet offer more luxury, performance and certainly technology. 

This, dear reader, is what spaciousness and luxury are today in the automotive realm.  


  • Our Pick: Navigator
  • Why we like it: There’s a greater timelessness to the Lincoln’s design

2022 Navigator | Photo: Lincoln 

The Navigator and Escalade are both derivative of other models from mainstream makers Ford and Chevrolet, respectively. The resemblance between the Lincoln and Ford’s Expedition, and the Cadillac with the Chevy Tahoe is no coincidence, and more than skin deep.

As a result, the familiarity and utility of these trucks precludes any real elegance in their designs, and yet both are unmistakable thanks to their popularity with celebrity culture over the past few decades.

The big Caddy is more imposing with sharp creases and pointed angles defining its design. It’s blocky and taller than the Lincoln, and with the optional Onyx Package blacking out all the trim, it can look pretty aggressive.

The Lincoln, wearing brightwork trim and its cross-hatch grille, features more sweeping lines giving it a longer and lower appearance than the Escalade.


  • Our Pick: Escalade
  • Why we like it:  The finishes and material quality make this the true luxury machine

2022 Navigator Interior Vs 2022 Escalade Interior | Photo: Lincoln, Cadillac 

Lincoln’s designers did a fantastic job styling the Navigator’s interior. Depending on how a buyer specs his or her rig, the interior can finish open pore wood or a turned metal finish, both of which have a classic look to them. The switchgear – including the tedious piano key gear selector – is ringed in chrome and recalls the archetypal American luxury cars from a half-century ago. And the seats, swathed in leather of course, are heated, cooled and adjustable in enough ways to accommodate any body shape. Plus, they’re massaging up front, too.

The Escalade goes a whole other direction with its interior being a showcase of General Motors’ technological capabilities. The dashboard is dominated by screens, simplifying and minimizing the number of physical buttons present, and while it’s a clean design, it doesn’t have the same stylistic wow factor of the Lincoln.

Both interiors offer ample cargo space & premium features at all three rows

Where many of the touch points in the Navigator betray its six-figure price tag, the Escalade is trimmed in supple leather and high-quality switch gear throughout, including the rear passenger spaces, reminding everyone on board that this is a genuine luxury vehicle. 

Since many of these trucks are purchased for livery service duty, ensuring the second and third row seats are properly luxurious is important too. The Navigator offers fractionally more legroom and headroom in the back seat, but truthfully, the Escalade’s interior is so spacious too, it’s barely worth noting. 

Cargo carrying capabilities are impressive in both, as well, with the Escalade offering 700L behind the third row compared with the Navigator’s 600L hold. With second and third row seats folded, there’s 2,900L available in the Lincoln compared to more than 3,40 L in the Cadillac. Those wanting to tow can haul up to 3,629 kg with the Escalade or 3,765 with the Navigator.


  • Our Pick: Escalade
  • Why we like it: the harmonics of a big V8 and that magical ride can’t be beat

2022 Escalade | Photo: Cadillac 

Lincoln stopped using V8s for this generation of Navigator (and Ford Raptor pick-ups) and a look at the power numbers shows why. With 450 hp and a whopping 510 lb-ft of torque that spools up with relatively few revs, the twin-turbo 3.5 L V6 is a formidable engine that motivates the big Lincoln without much effort.

Escalade’s V8 versus the Navigator’s more fuel-efficient V6

While both trucks have an impressive amount of sound deadening to make road and wind noise virtually obsolete, the Lincoln V6 simply can’t match the smoothness or deep harmonics of the Cadillac’s 6.2 L V8. And while the V8 needs more revs to reach its notably lower peak torque of 460 lb-ft, and 420 hp, the Escalade is not wanting for power. Here's a look at the entire Cadillac SUV lineup if a burly V8 isn't for you.

What’s more, our test truck was fitted with a $3,500 performance intake and exhaust option that, while somewhat out of place in a vehicle like this, did mean that the Caddy’s V8 could grab a lot of attention when it cleared its throat.  

A variation of the same jointly-developed 10-speed automatic is found in both trucks that optimizes efficiency while offering seamless shifts. Unsurprisingly, the Lincoln is rated for slightly better fuel efficiency thanks to its smaller engine.

2022 Navigator | Photo: Lincoln 

Aside from space, where these two really shine is in the ride quality afforded by their long wheelbases. There once was a time when trying to make a truck ride like a car meant softening its suspension to the point of degrading its utility and creating wallowing handling.

Neither of these big beasts is going to be mistaken for a sports car when the roads turn curvy, but their composure for such big, tall machines is quite impressive. What’s more, the ride quality is exceptional.

That said, the Escalade’s optional magnetorheological suspension offers physics-defying wizardry that gives the Cadillac a ride that makes it feel like the truck levitates above the road, rather than driving over it.

Verdict & Specs

The Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade deliver on their respective brands’ promise to deliver space and luxury at a flagship level expected by consumers shopping for vehicles that cost six figures. 

The Navigator’s classic styling cues, exceptional comfort and powerful engine are sure to please buyers, but the Escalade’s superior material finishes and driving dynamics make it our pick of the two. Both big haulers made our list of best luxury SUVs in Canada.

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Specs:  2022 Cadillac Escalade vs 2022 Lincoln Navigator  


2022 Cadillac Escalade Sport Platinum

2022 Lincoln Navigator Reserve

Base Price




6.2L V8

3.5L twin-turbo V6


10-speed automatic

10-speed automatic




Peak Horsepower

420 hp

450 hp

Peak Torque

460 lb-ft

510 lb-ft

Fuel Economy

16.8 / 12.4 / 14.8 L/100 km cty/hwy/cmb

15.0 / 11.5 / 13.5 L/100 km cty/hwy/cmb

Cargo Space Seats Up / Down

722 / 3,427 L

592 / 2,928 L

Towing Capacity

3,629 kg

3,765 kg

Basic Warranty (months/km)

48 / 80,000

48 / 80,000

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