2023 Range Rover Sport Review
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First Drive: 2023 Range Rover Sport Review

When it comes to SUVs, a mammoth snowstorm can reveal which ones are the pretenders and which are the genuine article.

Sure, most SUVs on the market today feature some sort of all-wheel drive system and all sorts of technical wizardry. But are they really capable of dealing with the absolute worst weather and road conditions?

We flew to Park City, Utah, one of the world’s top downhill ski destinations, to drive the latest Range Rover Sport through a blinding snowstorm. Did the luxury SUV deal with the circumstances? Or did it get blown away by the gale-force winds? Let’s give it a look.

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2023 Range Rover Sport during our test drive in Park City, Utah | Photo: Land Rover 

Key Features:

  • Completely re-engineered third-generation model 
  • Four different powertrains available: two mild hybrids, one plug-in hybrid, one gas-only version
  • New mixed-metal platform with increased torsional stiffness
  • Adaptive air suspension, all-wheel steering, new Terrain Response AWD system with Dynamic Mode, new Adaptive Off-Road Cruise Control 

Direct Competitors:

  • BMW X5
  • Lexus GX
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE 
  • Porsche Cayenne

It’s been a full decade since the release of the second-generation Range Rover Sport, so we were overdue to see a new model from the adventurous and luxurious SUV brand. The biggest news surrounding the new model is the fact that an all-electric version is on the horizon, but that’s not arriving until next year. 

In the meantime, the Range Rover Sport line-up launched late last year with four distinct versions: two mild hybrids, one plug-in hybrid and one gas-only model, the twin-turbocharged V-8 First Edition. 

In Utah, we had the chance to drive just one example, the P400 mild hybrid with the turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. This powerplant develops 395 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. 

Price and trims for Canada

While there are 4 models offered in America, there are only 2 in Canada: the P400 and the P440e. There is no P360 and the P530 is completely sold out.  
With that said, the P400 rings in at $101,750, while the P440e crosses the start line at $123,050.

2023 Range Rover Sport interior: high-tech and high-touch

Although the Range Rover Sport is the high-performance variant of an SUV known for its off-road capability, it’s still an incredibly luxurious and comfortable vehicle. 

2023 Range Rover Sport | Photo: Land Rover 

The passenger cabin benefits from the more robust platform, a bit of extra passenger space, active noise-cancelling tech and an ionizer that keeps air quality fresh as a daisy—it’s a more peaceful crowd-pleaser than ever before. 

The drive cockpit is a more engaging space overall. The instrument panel is a 13.7-inch digital display that reconfigures based on the drive mode selected. The central touchscreen, a 13.1-inch number with haptic feedback, rests above the centre console that houses the wireless charging pad, some climate control dials, the stubby gearshift and the terrain response selector. 

The driver and front-seat passenger also benefit from 22-way adjustable seats with heating, cooling and massaging functionality. These bad boys really have the capability of making the longest road trip seem like a run to the corner store.

2023 Range Rover Sport | Photo: Land Rover 

To complement all these features, the air suspension system, standard on all versions of the new Range Rover Sport, delivers a supremely comfortable and composed ride over rough roads.

2023 Range Rover Sport power, handling and other driving impressions

There’s nothing like a mammoth snowstorm to assess whether an SUV is made of the white… er, right stuff. On the surface of it, the drive route in and around Park City, Salt Lake City and Sundance, although sprinkled with elevation changes, would have been a simple task for any sort of vehicle. 

Then the snow hit. Then it hit some more. Soon, we were powering through a full-on blizzard complete with zero visibility and slick surfaces.

2023 Range Rover Sport | Photo: Land Rover 

But this is the sweet spot for the Range Rover Sport. Even though we were travelling far too quickly for the snow mode on the terrain response system, the vehicle’s super-smart AWD automatically generates traction to the individual wheels that need it most. 

The powertrain is also easily able to keep up with the demands of treacherous driving; the turbocharged 6-cylinder working in harmony with the 8-speed automatic transmission to make light work of the snow-covered mountain passes. 

Verdict: Is the 2023 Range Rover Sport worth $100K+?

Since the first-generation Range Rover Sport debuted in 2005, the sports-luxury SUV segment has become far more crowded. There are now many credible options to choose from, all of them extremely well-engineered vehicles that combine on-road performance, off-road performance and a long list of luxury features. 

While the Range Rover Sport would not be able to keep pace with many competitors on a racetrack, it would easily dust them on the average goat path. So this decision comes down to what you want your sports-SUV to excel at and look like. With its slightly boxy shape and undeniable rough-road credentials, the Range Rover Sport is a solid choice.

2023 Range Rover Sport | Photo: Land Rover 

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