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Get Pre-Approved for a Used Vehicle Online

Buying a car in Canada has never been easier. With Canada Drives you can get pre-approved for a car loan online and get connected with a local dealership in your area who will provide you with a selection of vehicles to choose from that you already qualify for!

If you’ve never bought a car before (or not in a long time), you might be wondering where your car buying journey should begin.

Many Canadians admit that the traditional way of car buying—one that entails a lot of time in a car dealership negotiating, preparing documents, filling out paperwork, and scheduling test drives—is not very convenient.

It is not uncommon for Canadians to visit multiple dealerships before deciding on a specific vehicle, and then they start the process of applying for financing. Unfortunately the financing decision is not always a 'Yes'. There is a very real chance that you could get denied for financing, forcing you to start the entire search process from the start. A huge waste of time!

That's where Canada Drives comes in.

Canada Drives makes car shopping easy

Canada Drives has flipped the car shopping experience on its head, providing an easy solution for Canadians to get pre-approved for financing first, so they can shop with confidence knowing exactly what they can afford. 


How to buy a car online with Canada Drives

Buying a car with Canada Drives is incredibly simple and enjoyable; the way car shopping was always meant to be.

1. Complete your online pre-approval application

Get pre-approved online by filling out the simple 3-minute application for free.

2. See vehicles you can afford

Canada Drives has partnered with hundreds of certified dealerships across the country. You will be connected to the dealer partner closest to you and they will contact you to show you the selection of their inventory that you already qualify for.

 3. Pick the car you want

Arrange a test drive to see which car works best for you. Typically the entire process can be completed in as little as 48 hours. 

Canada Drives inventory

When it comes to car shopping the biggest waste of time you can deal with is browsing vehicles that are outside your budget. And the leading cause of stress is not knowing whether or not you will get approved for financing to buy the car you want. Canada Drives eliminates the wasted time and stress of traditional car shopping by getting you pre-approved first. 

Once your pre-approval is secure you will be able to see vehicles in your area that are within your pre-approved budget. 

Sell your car online

It's not only possible to buy a car with Canada Drives; you can also sell your car by submitting a few quick details online. Complete a short appraisal form to get your instant offer. If you are happy with your offer you can simply drop off your car at a Canada Drives location and get paid! No more posting ads online or dealing with strangers. 

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