Releases from 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
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The Best New Cars From The 2019 Detroit Auto Show

Whether you’re a car nerd like us, or just a curious consumer, you’re probably interested to see the latest and greatest releases from the Detroit North American International Auto Show #NAIAS. So, to satisfy your curiosity we’ve put together some of the hottest releases, gossip and news. We'll transport you there with each drop!

2019 Detroit Auto Show Reveals, Updates & Reviews

Teasing us from day one and yet to open to the general public (Jan. 19) the #NAIAS has kept us on our toes with juicy drops from press and industry execs.

Luckily our team of highly trained car ninjas can help you get first dibs, just apply here!

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Sports Cars

2020 Toyota Supra

Toyota’s “Worst Kept Secret”, the much anticipated Supra, was brought back after a 17 year hiatus. The new Toyota Supra goes on sale summer 2019, boasting 335hp and 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds. review of the 2020 Toyota Supra can be found here.

Toyota USA announcement from Jan. 14 can be found here.

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

Ford Motor Co. released its fastest ever Mustang Shelby Gt500, featuring a supercharged 5.2-litre V-8 engine, producing over 700hp.

2020 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger took a shot at Mustang in a tweet, continuing over 50 years of rivalry. In the latest Challenger vs. Mustang battle, Dodge held nothing less than 797hp back with their latest release.

Subaru S209

Subaru announced a line of personal bests, including the "Most Powerful WRX Ever" and "Best Handling S-model Ever."

You can see more on the Subaru NAIA S2019 lineup here.


2020 Kia Telluride

Some lucky showgoers got to test the Kia Telluride on a live track, best part, it was built right on the showroom floor - talk about off-roading. While there's still details coming soon from Kia, you can learn more about the Kia Telluride from here. first look at the 2020 Kia Telluride.

2020 Ford Explorer

Ford made two additions to the explorer family, introducing the Explorer ST (boasting 400hp), and the Explorer Hybrid. You can see more on the Explorer lineup here. first look at the 2020 Ford Explorer on Youtube.

2020 Cadillac XT6

Cadillac's XT6 has been described as the Escalade's 'little brother', although that's not their intent. You can read more about the XT6 here.

Concept Cars

Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept

Infinit’s EV crossover concept, the QX Inspiration made its debut, a foreshadow of EV SUVs to come from the manufacturer down the road.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) got a sneak peek of the Infiniti QX Inspiration concept.

Lexus LC Convertible Concept

The Lexus LC convertible concept, a self-proclaimed luxurious high-speed aircraft, is gaining affection with its futurist concept of cars as airplanes.

Nissan IMs Concept

Nissan's IMs Concept was unveiled, featuring full autonomous capability, all wheel drive, and lots of cabin space. They call it an "elevated sedan" because of its large wheels and cabin raised above the battery pack. You can view more on the IMs Concept here.

Renault Symbioz Self-Driving Concept Car

Renault's concept self-driving car navigates with more than 30 sensors including radar, laser, and ultrasound.

In a demo BBC World testing out their Virtual Reality headset that uses speed, trajectory, and position data to power its graphics, making you feel as if you're flying over a valley. Read more about the Symbiz Concept here.

Warning: This is a concept demo, and we do not advise reading a newspaper or using VR while driving.


2019 Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500

The power is in the tow, and these trucks are taking their cargo pulls to the next level in style. review of the 2019 Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500.

Ford Hybrid / Electric F-150

Ford says they're working on hybrid and electric versions of its best-selling F-150

Electric Vehicles

While manufacturers known for their EVs (Tesla, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Jaguar, etc.) were absent from the show... Volkswagen, Cadillac, Infiniti, and others stepped up with their plans for the future of Electric Vehicles.


Investing $800 Million 1,000 jobs and counting, Volkswagen is growing their Electric Vehicles production for upcoming runs. They plan to produce EVs in the United States by 2022.

Cadillac EV Crossover

Cadillac dropped some hints at a possible EV crossover for the future, surprising many. has more info on Cadillac's EV crossover concept.

Ford's "Big Surprise" for EVs

Ford CEO Jim Hackett has a big surprise in store for us next year, with 16 EV models that are in design and development. They also noted that they're working on hybrid and electric versions of the F-150. View the interview on CNBC here

2019 Detroit Auto Show Schedule

Cliff notes of the show schedule are followed below. The #NAIAS is scheduled for Jan.14-27 2019. Select events to the press and industry from Jan. 14-18, the main show opens to the general public Jan 19-27. Find the official overview here.


Jan. 12, 2019 @ MGM Grand Detroit

The official kick-off for the North American International Auto Show. Featuring the most acclaimed vehicles in the world, such as Aston Marton, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porche, Rolls Royce and so much more.


Jan. 14-17, 2019

Over 200 brands, from automakers, suppliers, startups, universities, and government organizations showcasing their latest technology.

5 days of mobility themed presentations, ranging from mobility technology, V2I (vehicle to infrastructure), urban mobility, smart cities, mobility workforce, ride sharing, cybersecurity, and autonomous driving technologies.

Press Preview

Jan. 14-15, 2019

All-in-one-place, the 3 days of product & technology releases.

Last year we glimpsed a mere 69 vehicle introductions, 52 worldwide debuts, and almost 5,100 journalists from 60 countries attending to cover the latest releases. Let’s see what this year holds.

Industry Preview

Jan. 16-17, 2019

40,000 automotive executives, engineers, developers, designers, and analysts.

Charity Preview

Jan. 18, 2019

A night to fundraise with all proceeds benefiting across a wide spectrum of children’s charities.

Public Show

Jan. 19-27, 2019: 8 a.m. daily - early access for handicapped individuals.

Sat, Jan. 19-26, 2019: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m. (no entry after 9 p.m.)

Sun, Jan. 27, 2019: 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. (no entry after 6 p.m.)

Open to the general public, see the vehicles and technology from the future.

Ranging from muscle cars and electric cars to high-performance supercars, and full-size trucks. This show has it all.

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