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Fall in Love with a Brand New Car this Valentine’s Day

Each February, love is in the air and individuals are looking for ways to make even more memories together. Whether you’re single & looking for love or in a relationship, there’s something about Valentine’s Day that gets us all in a lovely dovey mood

Even if you’re not celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, maybe it is your time to fall in love with a brand new car. There are plenty of decisions to make to ensure that this process runs as smoothly and pleasantly as possible. Starting with which type of car you are looking to buy. First of all, let’s look at some of the different models of cars and the reasons why you and your brand new car may be meant to be!

Different drivers will look to buy different models and vehicles for a variety of purposes. Some models that may attract a wide range of individuals, range from small to mid-sized to large sized cars and sedans, sports utility vehicles, trucks, minivans, luxury vehicles, convertibles and electric/hybrid cars. There are certain vehicles that will offer a variety of combined features that can be found across the spectrum of automobiles.

Determining which features are most important to you may be easy or it may take some additional thought, however you can find a car that can offer you exactly want you want. Here are some of the different car model features that may peak your interest and your needs this Valentine’s Day.

1) Reliability/Durability/Safety:

Typically a top reason that individuals base their car choices on include these three features Reliability, durability and safety, fortunately range across a variety of models. If you are opting for a car to perform well in challenging weather conditions, for example then looking for car that can handle snow, ice, mud, dirt roads, etc. is also likely to factor into your decision here.

2) Gas Mileage/Fuel Efficiency

Drivers often also opt for cars that can help them save money at the pumps. While gas prices are lower than they have been in previous years – this is still a nice perk to owning a car. Drivers may have long commutes to work or school or put a lot of mileage on the car for whatever reason and cars that provide fuel efficiency as well as other important features can be found across a variety of models.

3) Style and Advanced Technology

Newer vehicles also come with some pretty impressive technology. This technology also seems to tie in with the style and image factor that certain luxury models can offer. Drivers may want to set their sights on convertibles or stylish SUVs and Sedans that can provide them with these advancements, as well as accounting for safety and high performance.

3) Interior Storage

For those looking for extra room for family and/or travel storage needs, vehicle models like minivans, SUVs, trucks, large sedans that can accommodate these needs. Fuel efficiency, advanced technology as well as comfort and style can also be found across these models – so whatever your needs are you can find a vehicle that reflects many of them all at once.

Vehicle Financing

Another important factor for many is financing the vehicle. When it comes to financing the car, this is where many people’s emotions turn from excitement to nervousness and in some cases even fear. However, finding a car loan doesn’t have to feel that way – it can even make the whole experience even more memorable.

Even if you have poor credit there are often alternatives you can explore with Canadian lenders. Canada Drives can help to connect you with these lenders so you can get the loan you need. We can help you find a suitable lender who can offer you the financing you require.

Don’t let your bad credit situation put a damper on your dreams of owning a new car this Valentine’s Day. Contact us and ask one of our representatives so they can help you turn your dream into a reality. The only red tape you should be seeing this February 14th should be the big red bow on the top of your brand new vehicle.

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