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How Dealerships Are Adapting to Help You Safely Shop for Cars

You don’t have to look far to see aspects of a challenging economic climate. However, the automotive industry is staying strong, from manufacturers to dealerships, and we’re taking the COVID-19 threat very seriously.

And while the doors are still open at dealerships across the nation, everyone in the auto industry is doing their part to ensure customers can shop for vehicles with peace of mind in an environment that’s safely adapted to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

1. Sterilized vehicles & showrooms

At many dealerships across Canada, extra measures have been implemented to step up cleaning processes in every department and to sanitize frequently touched surfaces like steering wheels, desk surfaces, and door handles. 

You’ll notice that publicly used items like magazines have been removed and TV remotes are routinely disinfected, for example. 

As with all companies, any staff who present symptoms will take sick leave and work from home where possible, away from customers and co-worker contact.

But these days, it’s recommended that you minimize social interactions. That’s why many of the dealerships in Canada have adopted a ‘Buy From Home’ program... 

2. Buy from home

When social interactions are high risk, the internet is an obvious alternative that businesses and customers can leverage to keep day-to-day life moving along. 

Most car shoppers already do most of their vehicle research online, but with the Buy From Home program being rolled out by many dealerships across Canada, the steps to driving away in a new vehicle are straightforward and compatible with conditions for social distancing. 

Customers can simply browse a dealership’s inventory online and select the vehicle (or vehicles) that catches their eye. The dealer will then reach out via email and video call to walk you through your vehicle choices. 

3. The test drive comes to you

If you think you’ve found the right vehicle for your needs, the dealership can deliver it to you for a test drive. Dealerships will thoroughly clean and sanitize the car before it arrives, often giving you up to 24 hours to test drive the vehicle to solidify your choice. 

4. Get a trade appraisal

If you have a current vehicle you’d like to trade-in, the salesperson can bring it back to the dealership while you test drive your potential new vehicle. A comprehensive appraisal will be performed and, as a courtesy to you, they’ll sanitize your car. 

5. Complete the paperwork at home

If you’re happy with your test drive and want to proceed, paperwork can be prepared and delivered to you for signatures so you can complete the purchase from home. 

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