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The "Coolest" High-Tech Compact Cars of 2016

You no longer have to compromise features and style when deciding to purchase a compact car. Not only can compact cars save you money, but they are now packed with new technology and more luxurious than ever before. Who knows, maybe a compact car is right for you?

Small cars are known to save you money on gas, insurance, and maintenance costs – but they have never had a reputation for being luxurious and advanced in their technology. That is no longer true, as there are many compact cars on the market today that are packed with new technology and more luxurious than ever before.

Check out our 4 favourite high-tech compact cars of 2016:

1) Toyota Corolla

One of the most popular compact cars seen cruising around these days is the Toyota Corolla. Reliability and safety is a strong draw for this vehicle, and in recent years it has become sleeker and sportier than what we have seen from past models.

The 2016 Corolla now comes with new and improved technology such as keyless entry, improved audio, navigation technology, and several other advanced features you are sure to love. If you like what the Toyota Corolla has to offer, but are looking for a vehicle that is more environmentally-friendly, you are in luck as there is a 2016 Corolla Eco Model!

2) Volkswagen Jetta

From the Volkswagen lineup, the Jetta has also remained a top contender among drivers seeking a vehicle from the compact car sized variety. The new 2016 model comes with a turbocharged engine and interior technology advancements, such as touch screens and various safety driving aids – including collision warning indicators, emergency braking system, blind spot monitor, and park distance control.

In addition to these technology advancements, the Jetta has interior features that make this compact car more spacious – 60/40 split folding rear sears, and a larger trunk compared to other compact cars. Another major bonus of the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta is that is it available in four different models, to meet the needs of a variety of drivers – a hybrid version and three other engine types.

3) Honda Fit

If you have enjoyed qualities of previous Honda Fit models, then you can expect more of the same from the 2016 model. This sub-compact hatchback is a pleasure to drive, in terms or ease and maneuverability, and comes equipped with rear Magic Seats that can allow drivers to re-configure the interior to accommodate and adapt for more interior cargo space.

If you love all the features of the 2016 Honda Fit model, and are considering a compact car for your next vehicle, look no further as the Fit was names the Best Compact Car of 2016 by earning high marks in fuel efficiency, reliability, safety, and many more categories.

4) Hyundai Elantra

Last on the list is the Elantra - Hyundai’s answer to the compact car. Available as a hatchback or a sedan, the 2016 Elantra offers stylish interior features such as a touch-screen navigation system, rear-view camera, heated front and rear seats, and proximity keyless entry with push-button ignition. The Elantra also provides drivers and passengers with plenty of leg room, as well as a spacious trunk.

Not only is the Hyundai Elantra packed with cool features and technology, it is also very fuel efficient with an aerodynamic design and achieves a 7.5L/100km fuel economy. To top it all off, the Elantra has a 5-Star Overall Crash Safety rating.

With many vehicles on the market it can become challenging to decide on just one model. As you can see, even within the compact car category there are plenty of options to choose between - so taking some time to identify what you are looking for is important.

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