The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in Canada.

Do you ever wish there was an easier way to get a vehicle in Chatham-Kent? Have bad credit or no credit made it frustrating and seem impossible? Canada Drives specializes in bad credit car loans in Chatham-Kent, Ontario and Canada-wide.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit Ontario

Bad Credit: It can mean a lot of different things from some missed payments, unpaid collections, R9’s, bankruptcy or any number of circumstances. When it comes to getting financing banks shy away from customers with lower credit scores. Canada Drives understands that life happens and that people deserve a second chance.

No Credit: A lot of Ontario residents are just starting to build their credit because of being young or newly moved to Canada. Making payments on a vehicle loan is a great way to build your credit.

Bad Credit Car Loans Chatham-Kent – How does it work?

  1. You fill out an online application or call 1-888-865-6402
  2. A vehicle finance specialist will call you and figure out exactly what you need for a vehicle as well as what your budget is
  3. You set a time to go in and test drive vehicles at the licensed affiliate dealership
Blenheim, ON
Dresden, ON
Ridgetown, ON
Wallaceburg, ON
Tilbury, ON
Wheatley, ON
Rodney, ON
Leamington, ON
West Lorne, ON
Petrolia, ON
Glencoe, ON
Essex, ON

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