How to Get an Uber Car Loan in Canada

The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in Canada.

Uber and Lyft are now available across all major Canadian cities!

Residents of Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Vancouver are all using the popular rideshare apps! 

Are you thinking about becoming a rideshare driver? Whether you’re considering Uber or Lyft as a side hustle or full-time occupation, you’ll need the right wheels to start.

And since Uber and Lyft's lease and rental options are very limited, and they don’t yet offer financing in Canada, you can accelerate your rideshare career with Canada Drives!

Read on to find out how easy it is to find the right vehicle and financing...

Best type of vehicle for driving rideshare

Vehicle requirements for Uber and Lyft vary by province. But generally, the vehicles best suited for this job aren’t gas-guzzlers or two-door speedsters. To drive for Uber or Lyft, your vehicle must:

  • have 4 doors
  • be less than 7-10 years old (varies by region)
  • be in pristine condition

Since gas will be one of your biggest expenditures, this is an ideal time to consider purchasing a roomy hybrid vehicle.

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Even if you have bad credit, Canada Drives can help you get a car loan AND a car as soon as tomorrow, so you can start earning immediately! Click here to get started.

How to get approved for a Lyft or Uber car loan

A car loan for Uber and Lyft drivers can ultimately help boost your earning potential AND build credit. Here's how you can ensure you get approved - even with bad credit.

Understand your budget

If you want to find vehicle options that fit your budget, you should form an idea of how much you can afford every month. Our car loan calculator will give you a rough estimate of what to expect. If you want to trade-in your current vehicle for something newer, your trade-in vehicle will lower your monthly payment, so make sure you factor that in. You can find out more about your vehicle’s trade-in value here.

Consider a pre-owned vehicle

To keep vehicle costs lower, think about buying a nearly new or a certified pre-owned vehicle. You’ll get almost all the benefits of a new car but at a lower purchase price. More of your earnings can go in your pocket, not to car expenses.

Get pre-approved online

At Canada Drives, our mission is to get you driving as soon as possible. Even if you have bad credit or no credit, we can get you approved for finance and driving your new car within a few days. It starts by understanding exactly how much financing you are eligible for. Click here get pre-approved (it only takes 2 minutes.)

Get approved for your Uber car loan & vehicle today

Don't wait to start earning money as a rideshare driver! Get pre-approved online today! It only takes 2 minutes to apply, and you could be driving your new car as soon as tomorrow!

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