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Timmins like many communities in Canada have seen the results of the Booms and Busts. When mining and resources are strong so is the local economy and the resulting jobs. What about the people who have to ride this rollercoaster. We know when the work stops, the bills DONT!

Timmins Auto Loans

We work with people from Timmins that may have ran into trouble in the past with credit for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Missed Payments or Closed Accounts
  • Collections
  • Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposals
  • No Credit and First Time Buyers

These are just a couple of the wide variety of Timmins credit situations that we are trained to deal with.

Timmins No Credit Auto Loans – How Does it Work?

  1. You fill out an online application or call out approval hotline at 1-888-279-3447 ( this number will be important to have if you run into any questions as you go ).
  2. You will be automatically connected with a local licensed dealer who is ready and able to help a variety of credit and financial situations like the ones listed above.
  3. You will go over your vehicle options including vehicle from popular manufactures such as: Ford, Toyota, Dodge, GMC, Chevy, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan to name a few.
  4. If the deal sounds great, which we know it will, you setup a time to go in and test drive and purchase a vehicle. Also you have the option of having your vehicle delivered if you live in a rural community too far away to get in.

Important points to remember:

  • The service is 100% no obligation
  • It’s Fast, Easy and Secure
  • Loans are for purchasing vehicles from our licensed dealer partners
  • Have fun, buying a vehicle shouldn’t be a chore – although we understand how some dealers make it feel that way!
  • We offer our service Canada-wide  ( except Quebec and the Territories ) so when you apply you’ll be automatically connected with the closest dealer


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