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New to Canada Auto Loans

New to Canada? Looking to purchase a vehicle? We can help

If you are new to Canada and are looking to get auto financing, but don’t know what steps to take here’s what you can do to help get approved as fast as possible.

1. When you first get here get some form of credit as soon as possible. A good place to start is a credit card. If you can’t get a regular credit card – get a secured credit card which will allow you to start building your credit.

2. Make sure you keep your credit card for a few months. This will establish trading lines on your credit profile and you will be assigned a credit score ( FICO Score ).

3. Apply for a car loan. Some lenders work with new to country applicants and some don’t ask for a SIN number which will might allow you to get approved as though you were a permanent resident even though you have a “9 SIN”

Canada Drives works with New to Canada people who have a Sin Number that starts with 9. Complete an online application today to have someone go over all of your options.

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